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Jen MacPherson (Previously Amanda Williams Photography/JM Photographic Arts) is a Scam Artist Photog

Calling all brides who have used or are planning on using Jennifer MacPherson as their photographer. She does photography in Michigan and in New York. I used her for my July wedding and paid her in full. She provided me with my raw photos on a CD the night of my wedding and then has been MIA ever since. Please message me and let me know if you have had the same experience. I believe there is strength in numbers!

Re: Jen MacPherson (Previously Amanda Williams Photography/JM Photographic Arts) is a Scam Artist Photog

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    That's awful!!! I hope everything gets straightened out.
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    Sorry to hear about your problems. But you should NEVER pay a vendor in full if they are giving you a product in return. Wait until you get your albums/photos etc before your final payments. Thats standard by most professionals.
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    Thank you for the reply however, actually all of my venders required to be paid in full (except the caterer) approximately 2 weeks prior and its a mute point by now.  I have spoken with other brides that this happened to also with this photog. I have come across about 5 people so far.  I am trying to prevent this from happening to others that are using this photographer and see if I can gather up more people that have had the same experience.
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    Same thing happened us except we never even recieved the disk of raw images!  She returned a phone call to me last month but nothing since! at this point i'd settle for some raw images.
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    First and foremost, soooo sorry you are having all this trouble.  : (  Nothing worse than this type of thing on your wedding day.  I had my pictures done by Jen for my wedding in April.  While I must admit, it was a bit difficult to get a hold of her at first, she actually became easy to get a hold of and beautifully photographed our big day.  She gave me the DVD of photos the night of, and told us it would be about 2 months before we recieved an album with our edited photos as well as a new disc with edited photos.  2 months came and went- we gave her a call, and she assured us she was going to send them soon, but was a little behind.  A little nervous, I called and called, and finally got a package somewhere around late July/August.  Our pictures came out great and the album was of great quality.  

    With that said, reading these posts, I am reminded of what almost could have happened to me.  I have a website for her that I found off of her twitter account- it is

    Hopefully this helps you find her.  There isn't really any identifying factors on the site that make you know its here, however, it is off of her twitter account and there was a phone number on the website, that I was able to previously contact her by, but it is since gone.  I'm going to look through all my old wedding stuff, and I'll see if I can find any more information for you.  

    Hopefully, this helps!  Good luck!
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    And this looks like a profile with her company, including her NY number...which says its out of Rochester, NY.  

    (585) 331- 0983 is the number listed.

    Again, good luck to you.  She really did do a fantastic job with me, so I hope all of this gets resolved for you.  : )))))
  • My wedding was in September 2011 and I have yet to receive any photos from her. I made several calls and emailed her and no response from her. These are my only wedding pictires from the wedding. I cannot beleive she would do such a thing, especially when it's aone in a lifetime event. These picture are everything to me. Any sugesstions????

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    I am trying to contact her also. I will be willing to make comments if you are going to make a lawsuit I do believe that there is one already in the works.  Contact me via e-mail: [email protected]
  • DO NOT BOOK JENNIFER MACPHERSON! All of these other posts are 100% true! Don't book her. Ever. Tell all your friends who are getting married. She screwed me royally. She claims to live in Holley NY when she lives in and around the Pittsford area. Engaged/married to Allan stamp. She works at Sutherland Global Services at 202 Wallace way in Rochester. The number is 585 586 5757. Her phone numbers are 313-282-2951, 585-300-8532, 585-290-3263, 585-206-5057. Not sure if they are accurate cause she never answers. Email is [email protected] and she also operates out of this website Also on white pages these addresses came up where she lives: 10 Dunnewood Ct Pittsford, NY 14534-9451 And Do your part in stopping her whether it be calling the local news channels or the district attorney or filing a lawsuit. She is ruining brides' lives....
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