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I'm looking for a good place for a group (with kids) to eat in buffalo, ny?

I am from Rochester and my fiance is from Niagara falls. Our families haven't met yet so we are planning on having them meet in october when some of my family comes in from out of town. We were thinking of meeting for dinner somewhere in the buffalo area or closer to williamsville/clarence so its kind of in between. My fiancees family is bigger than mine so we figured having it a little closer to Niagara falls would be better so we could be sure they could all make it. We are looking for a place that is appropriate for kids (2 -2 year olds, 1 -4 year old and a 10 year old) but a place that also has good food (and hopefully a good glass of wine haha) without spending a fortune! We want to do something somewhat Casual and would be fine with "family style". We don't know the area super well so any help would be greatly appreciated!!! thanks!

Re: I'm looking for a good place for a group (with kids) to eat in buffalo, ny?

  • Tully's might be a good option.  There is one on Main and Transit and also one on Niagara Falls Blvd.  They have a game room and TVs and their menu has typical bar stuff but also some good "real" foods as well.  Extensive drink menu, affordable prices and they don't care how much time you spend at tables.
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    I have a few suggestions...

    1. Gianni Mazia- It is right on Main in Clarence. The food is very good and affordable with a big selection. There brick oven pizzas are delicious and there char grilled wings are one of my favorites. I stop here just about every time I am home.

    2. Duff's in the Eastern Hill Mall- They just opened so won't be as busy as the one in Amherst. It is Duff so good wings and a Buffalo staple.

    3. Eagle House- Main Street in Williamsville. Good food but not a fancy restaurant. Popular spot for laid back rehearsal dinners.

    4. Frog Hair's- Transit Road/Sheridan Drive Williamsville. Sport/Golf bar/restaurant. Good food with fun atmosphere.

    5. Pizza Plant- Transit Road/Sheridan Drive Williamsville. Place of the famous pods- which are like calzones but so much better. They have other stuff as well. Best part is their beer and wine selection. I loved this place as a kid because of the kids menu.

    If you need any more recommendation let me know. I am not sure how many people you are looking at having but I might call ahead or a week ahead. A lot of these places might be willing to give your their back room if you are talking about enough people. Good Luck!

    Also if you are looking for something more fancy, like steak dinner, let me know. I tried to stay pizza, wings, sandwich, fish fry type places.
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  • Hubby and I just ate at The Buffalo Tap Room on Sheridan and Eggert.  They have about 25 beers on tap and a nice wine selection. The bar area is closed off from the restaurant area.  It looked like they had a area in the back of the restaurant that was slightly divided from the rest of the seating area, so I'm sure you could call ahead for that area.  Tons of good food on the menu- appetizers, salads, sandwiches, burgers, etc.  Their menu is on their website, just Google the name. 
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  • You could check out Milos on Main St in Williamsville
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