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Wedding Video Under $600

Hello All!
I am looking for a videographer in the NEPA area for around $600. I thought I had someone but he has not contacted me back. We are on a super tight budget so we are not looking for anything fancy just a basic video with basic coverage. Thanks in Advance.

Re: Wedding Video Under $600

  • girlrockgirlrock member
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    Since you aren't looking for anything fancy, could you ask a friend or family member to do it? You might be surprised if you ask around about who had skills. Not sure I you have Facebook but you could try posting a status about this there also. I often get great ideas from my pals on fb.
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    Yes that is looking like our best option at the moment. The guy we had originally checked into did finally get back to me but I am a little hestitant now to hire him. We will be meeting with him in a few weeks and we'll see what we think. His cost is $600 for pretty decent all day coverage and basic editing. Seems nice but not entirely organized. He is traveling 2 hours to meet with me and only requires $200 to be paid prior to the wedding date. The balance is not due until after the wedding. I think that if he was shady he would require the whole thing to be paid beforehand. Not sure what we'll do.

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    Met with the guy seemed fantastic in person. We will be hiring him. His name is William Hynes. Hope it works out great.

  • lizzy521lizzy521 member
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    Do you have any information about the packages he offers? A videographer for under $600 sounds great since I really want to have one, but I can't fit it in our budget for much more than $600...
  • Just seen this post sorry.... Hope this may still be helpful to you or if not someone else. His number is 717-525-3779. He is from the Lancaster area but is willing to travel and does not charge any additional fees. He did send me a sample vidoe which was amazing.

  • Just wanted to add to anyone new who comes across this post. We did go ahead and hire WIlliam Hynes and he was wonderful. Got our wedding video back and it is so perfect. I very much recommend him.
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