Riverview Country Club- Easton PA (Lehigh Valley)

Hello all! My name is Laura and my fiance and I are getting married June 17th 2011and just saved a date at the Riverview Country Club in Easton. I was wondering if anyone else had or will be having their reception/wedding there. I have not made my choices of food...ect and will be doing so soon. Just wanted some opinions..thanks!!!


Re: Riverview Country Club- Easton PA (Lehigh Valley)

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    hey! I am getting married there this upcoming September. We just had our food tasting a little over a month ago and the food was excellent! I loooovveee how beautiful the place is!
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    One of the girl who goes to the gym with me was telling me about Riverview. Her son had his wedding there two weeks ago. She said everything was really nice, but DON`T order Mahi Mahi. She said it was horrible!! They also had steak and chicken and it was ok. Everything was on time and they like it.

    Good luck
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    Hi!  I'm getting married there on June 4, 2010- 23 days!  We have had no problems at all with them- they have been wonderful.  The food is delicious and for the price, you can't beat it.  I'll let you know how everything goes after the wedding!
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    It is a beautiful place! Thanks for all the input! I will def NOT order the Mahi Mahi. What food did you girls end up choosing? I am not sure what we want, we are back and forth between the buffet and the sit down meal.  23 days?!   Thats awesome..Good LUCK!

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    We are doing the buffet instead of sit down and we chose the chicken marsala, garlic grilled Mahi Mahi w/ pineapple salsa (haha, it was good when we tried it), and we are having the prime rib carving station too, that way there is something for everyone and it made it easier on me not having to find out what everyone wanted to eat.  Hopefully the Mahi Mahi will be better than some other peoples experience!!  Good luck with all of your planning :)

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    saraliz444 I hope you are right and everything will be perfect:)) I will keep my fingers crossed for you:)) I wasn`t there, it`s just what I heard. Have fun at your wedding!!!!!

    Good luck:))

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    So we just got back from our honeymoon and I promised to share our experience at Riverview with you...

    For the most part everything was wonderful.  The staff greeted us upon arrival asking for drink orders and bringing apps.  The only issue there was that they did not want to give my mother champagne.  After talking with them they did.  The food was all fantastic, no complaints there.  Some of the wait staff could have been a little nicer to some of our guests, but they treated my husband and I like royalty.  The bar closes 30 mins before the end of the reception but be aware- they do not make a last call and the older bartenderd there was VERY rude to my maid of honor and my father.  We are still getting compliments about how nice it was there and how everyone enjoyed the food.

    Overall I'd say that we had a wonderful time there and would recommend it to anyone who is planning a wedding or some other type of event.  Hope this helps you!  Good luck with all of your planning!!
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    Oh Im glad it went well!! Thanks for all of the was great to hear! It was unfourtnate about the bartender...I wonder if he is the usual bartender or if there are more. Did you take pics around the course at all? Hope the honeymoon went well too!!
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    Hii.. wanted to share our experience with you also..

    Overall, our experience with Riverview was fantastic. As far as food, we had the mahi mahi, the almond chicken and we requested a marinated flank steak. The steak was a little undecooked for some people and I had mixed reviews about the fish, most people loved it and a few thought it needed a little more flavor. Everyone loved the chicken. Overall, people enjoyed the food though. Cocktail hour was great, everyone loved the choices (we had the veggie quesadilla, the tenderloin crustini, coconut shrimp and crab cakes).

    The staff were super friendly and extremely helpful!!! Jenna is amazing to work with! Evryone loved the feel of the venue and we had our ceremony on site and it went soo smooth. The staff set everything up beautifully. Open bar was great and they executed our signature cocktail perfectly.
    They were also really great at the end of the night, We had an issue with our shuttle back to the hotel and teh driver was taking longer than expected back and forth so we had to hang around the villa longer than the end time for reception.. they handled this beautifully had water our for our guests who were waiting and did not rush us out or make us wait outside.

    We had a great experience there and would highly recommend them. Hope that helps. Smile
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