new and lost!!

Hi, my name is Beata and I`m new to this site. I recently got engaged and we are planning the wedding in August 2011. I have no idea what colors or theme to choose. Please, help me!!
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Re: new and lost!!

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    Those are not things to be worried about yet.  First, find a venue.  Are you doing a church and then a reception or just 1 venue?  Find that first.  It'd be silly to choose a beach theme with yellow and white colors and then you fall in love with a lodge-style venue with dark colors and a totally different vibe. 

    Like-wise, do you want a band or a DJ?  If you go with a band, having a jazz trio is a totally different vibe than a swing band, etc... and that can help direct what your wedding will look like.

    Once you have these things done, look at magazines/online and find things you like and then see what their unifying thing is -- did you happen to cut out lots of pics of things that are green or modern or polka-dotted, etc.  Don't stress about the details if you don't have the big stuff first.
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    thank you:) The only thing we have booked so far is the church. We just started to look on the venue places and have some appointments scheduled. I`ll also go to the bridal show to get some ideas. I was thinking that DJ would be cheaper then the band and since I`m Polish and MF is American, it would be easier to play different music. Is it too early to look for a dress?
    Thank you so much for any advice:)
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    It's never too early to LOOK for a dress - -- but your wedding is in August of next year.. I'd say this summer/fall you need to get a dress, but for some (like me) it took 1 trip and for others it takes months to find the right dress.  I bought my dress 11 months in advance - and then lost 20 pounds.  I spent nearly the same amount on alterations as I did on the that's also something to think about.  But you'll need time to have it ordered if you aren't buying off the rack.  I think September would be a good time to start really looking...

    After you have the venue you can focus on details.  (The venue dictates a lot -- budget, guest list size, decor, time of day, casual/formal, etc..)
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