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So over on the etiquette boards, a woman from upstate New York is all sorts of worried that some people won't come to her wedding in their black tie optional affair. At one point she mentions the horror of someone wearing khaki's to such an event. It's quite the lively conversation...

Anyway, someone else jumped in from NY and said they took an office poll and the majority of people there wouldn't have been offended if on the invitations it mentions style of dress. (That's what the original question was about), and she thought maybe that's something that changes depending on where you live.

I've never been to a wedding where someone hasn't worn khaki's. And when I say her horror over khaki's we clarified that she was referring to the Dockers version.

Discuss... would it bother you if someone wore that to a wedding? Or would it bother you if  you were invited to a wedding and it was dictated on the invitation what you should wear?

Re: Opinions on one this one...

  • LOL I saw your comment on her thread on another board. LOVE IT!!

    I've decided she's one of those people where everything is about her. I've seen a bunch of her other threads and they are all the same. Everything is about her and she's got some serious in-law issues.

    And all of her things that are a "big deal"? I WISH those were the things on my mind for my wedding right now!
  • I went to a wedding last summer where the groom and his guys all wore Chucks...and it was all good :) haha
    I don't really care what people wear to the wedding, my FH and I will be dressed up the way we want to be and how everyone else dresses is up to them. It is interesting, my FMIL and my grandmother have both come to me several times and wanted my opinion on if what they were going to wear was "okay" with me because they didn't want to offend (they were afraid what they were wearing was too dark or not matching our colors)- I guess for some people there is an etiquette that they feel is tradition and must be followed, but the strictness of it all will vary from family to family and couple to couple and what mood the wedding will have. If someone asked me to dress a certain way for their wedding I wouldn't be offended though.
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