My mom passed away a few years ago and all the girls in my wedding party are from out of state.  I am close with FI's mom but there are just some things I would rather have an opinion from someone closer to my age.  FI is even helpful, more so than I could ask because he understands I don't have anyone else close by. 
Did anyone else have a similar situation?  And if so how did you deal with it?
I'm not a big "girl" and I second guess all my choices.  It's making it difficult to get anything done.  I guess I just feel....well LOST!

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    Aww I'm sorry you feel that way! My friends/family are very uninterested in my wedding or at least no-one seems excited (which is ok, they don't have to be) but that is the reason I'm on the knot! I'm a bit lost on the wedding stuff too and it's overwhelming trying to sort through the details and not forget everything.  You can always post your questions here and let other knotties give you an opinion which will probably help you realize the best choice for you & your wedding.  If you browse through the other boards you will see lots of wedding ideas/questions that may help you make a decision for yourself.
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    Agreed. I have a sister who is going through her own things right now, and my friends could care less. I spend lots of time on here so I can get out all of my wedding related needs!
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    Awwww hugs for you hun! Hopefully we can give you some support on here.  

    My Mother works literally 12 hours a day/7 days a week with our family business and my sister was away at college. It was very hard for us to coordinate time together for some of the bigger wedding things like gown shopping. I was lucky enough to have a very dear friend I work with, become very interested in my wedding planning experience, she's almost like a second Mom to me. She became my shopping buddy when I was first looking for gowns. She doesn't have any daughters so it was kind of cool for her to be a part of that experience. It was also nice to have a supportive but somewhat neutral POV.
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