Wedding Canopy for Less than $375 (XP)??

For my wedding in Annapolis ...

Well, two days and two appointments later (to discuss floral/decor with two separate vendors), I've come to the conclusion that canopies are a rip-off.  It seems that the only part of these contraptions that are not used more than once are the fresh flowers, other than that, the frames and fabric are used again and again, right??

How in the world can I rationalize spending $500 on an 8' x 8' canopy?  That was the first vendor's quote.  The second vendor came up with $375 for a 6'x 6' canopy.

Yikes!  I was hoping for something around $250 - $300.  Am I dreaming?  If you've had any experience with this, please let me know how to work within my budget.

Thanks so much!!!!!

Re: Wedding Canopy for Less than $375 (XP)??

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    The pricing is for the canopy and flowers, but flowers included were absolutely minimal.  I will check out ABC Rental.  Are they in Annapolis?

    Thanks so much!
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    Where did you get your quote from?  I've been to one florist, who's quote was $450 for a canopy (with strands of threaded orchids), and will go to another florist next Thursday. 

    I went to the venue recently to see a wedding setup, and they had an arch set up...which is what I was thinking of having.  Since my wedding is outside, along the Chesapeake, there will be a known breeze present.  The arch that was at the ceremony site, was leaning a bit in the wind...which gave me the immediate thought that I needed something a bit sturdier, such as a canopy.

    I don't have a DIY gene, so building one is not an option, so I'm in the situation of renting one from a vendor, or having my FI build one, and keep it in our back yard as a makeshift gazebo!

    As I get more quotes, I'll let you know...
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    [QUOTE] As I get more quotes, I'll let you know...
    Posted by mybooboos[/QUOTE]

    Sweet, thank you!
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