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Hi Everyone!

Thank you all for your help so far.  My fiance and I LOVE the Ocean Pines Beach Club.  Its seems to be the best location especially for the price and so far the service has been wonderful.  

We visited the venue on Sunday with my future mother in law and she loves it! The problem is I sent pictures my mother and she said she thinks it looks "run down".  There are a few pictures online and one photographer has pictures on their website and they managed to get the parking lot in EVERY SHOT. 

Does anyone have any pictures they would be willing to share? OR can you recommend another location similar to this one?  We have looked at several locations including Fager's Island, Lighthouse Sound, Golden Sands, Coconut Malorie and so forth and so on. 

Thanks for all your help!

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    I will be  getting married next Saturday, September 18th and we seriously consider the OP Beach Club - - it's great, however, we wanted to use the pool which is now closed. 

    In our search, we also consider Ocean Pines Yacht Club in Ocean Pines - - it is right on the water w/Ocean City views.    This is a VERY nice place, but wasn't quite the feel we were looking for; however, it will definitely solve the problem you are having.

    We ABSOLUTELY loved Macky's in Ocean City and Pam (the owner and coordinator) was FABULOUS!!!!!  This place is bay front with it's own private tropical beach area - - this was our first choice.  However, due to the small size and time of year there were some limitations that Pam had to put on us - - so it VERY unfortunately did not work.

    After much searching we found the Stowaway Grand Hotel 21st Street & Baltimore; we are getting married right on the beach steps away from the boardwalk.  We will then move upstairs into the Grand Terrace Restaurant for a sunset cocktail hour (wall of glass w/deck looking out to the bay) followed by our reception in the same room.  They also have a ball room which will hold bigger weddings!  I STRONGLY recommend this venue - Robin, Event Director has been wonderful to work with and Anna, Catering Director has had some wonderful suggestions.

    Hope this helps - congrats! 


    If you go to photos section, he has several weddings at the OP Beach Club and Yacht club.  There are also some from the Stowaway in his collection.Cool
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    I also think Beach Club is kind of run down. I'd suggest the Yacht Club, though it is going through renovations, so it would depend when you want to get married. It has a beautiful view of OC and is really cost-effective.
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