Matapeake State Park

Still looking for a wedding venue... does anyone have information or pictures of weddings at Matapeake State Park? 


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    I'm getting married there on Aug 14, 2010 I'm also looking for information. Tent placement? lighting? is the walk to the beach to long? etc.
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    My fiance and I are considering Matapeake for our June 2011 wedding.  Do either of you have any photos you can share?  I have some of the same concerns--distance from clubhosue to beach, how to decorate, set-up and placement of the tent, what do the bathrooms look like, etc.

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    Hi ladies, I actually went as far as a security deposit with Matapeake, it's gorgeous, the private beach over looks the Bay, and is gorgeous at Sunset, however indoor would only seat 60 people so you would have to factor in tent rentals and plan according to the weather. It's perfect for a small 30 to 50 person wedding, but it is a tight squeeze once you factor in food, music, cake and dancing. It's perfect for an outdoor wedding though, and it was $1200 to rent the entire place when I spoke with Carrie, their Director of Sales. You can look on Queen Anne County's website, the pictures should be under parks/venues. I hope this helps!! I also have Carrie Freidland's number tucked away somewhere too if you need it!
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    Hi! I am not having a Hindu wedding, but I found this forum by searching for Matapeake Beach weddings :-) I just booked Matapeake for Sept 24, 2011. Took my mom to see it yesterday- she loved it! My email is if you want to correspond.  

    Do either of you have any photos you can share? Yes, I will post.....

    Distance from clubhosue to beach- Maybe 100 yards? There is a path from the clubhouse to a flat area of land near the water (where you could have the ceremony), or the path goes down to beach level. It's not a long walk at all.

    How to decorate- My colors will be NAVY and WHITE- I'm looking to create a subtle, casual nautical feel....

    set-up and placement of the tent- If you are standing near the water and looking back towards the clubhouse, on the left part of the property, there is a large flat piece of land (close to the clubhouse). Carrie said the biggest tent she's ever seen is 40x100'. I am thinking of 40x80'.

    what do the bathrooms look like- there are outdoor bathrooms closer to the beach/ceremony area which are nice, secure, outdoor port-a-potties, but i think they actually FLUSH, so they are not really like port-a-potties. Inside the clubhouse, there are nice bathrooms too. All are handicap accessible.

    Lighting- there is some landscaping lighting, a couple of lampost lights. I am thinking of doing rope lighting around the indoor edge of the tent as well as candles and lanterns.
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      I am a photographer in Annapolis and Matapeake State Park is a hidden gem and great for photography.You can see some images on our blog  :
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