Need Help for groomsmen outfit ideas!

Hello Ladies! Thanks for any help you can offer.

So we are having a Chesapeake beach wedding in april. Getting married on the sand and then over to a tent for a cocktail/appetiser reception. Obviously pretty casual.

I think I will have the girls in teal, something like this:

But for the guys, I asked the FI what he envisioned for his groomsmen, he said "I don't know, something maybe casual in natural colors, nothing too fancy."

SO trying to find something that will match what he wants, but also will look ok with the girls, and doesn't go against what I am looking for which is to Stand Out (Yes I'll admit it! i want attention on us!) so i don't want the guys in white or in a khaki that looks close to white in pictures.  I'd like to be the only person wearing white that day thankyouverymuch!!

Any ideas? i've been looking on the internet and the knot pictures to find something, but everyone looks either too dressed up in suit jackets, or in any beach weddings, I only find guys in white or khaki. i can't find any in other 'natural' colors.

Any help would be great!

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