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Help me find a backyard reception venue :) please & thank you

Hello Ladies,
I've been on zillions of times but now that I'm engaged I feel priviliged to post :) So we want to get married in October 2010 in Orange County (where he's from), San Diego (where I'm from) or somewhere in between.

We will most likely get married in a church but we are looking for a private home (doesn't have to be a mansion!) with a large backyard that is appropriate for a reception. It could be Spanish Hacienda style, Romantic Garden-esque, or something else entirely.

If you have been to a backyard wedding in Southern California that you thought was gorgeous (or had potential) I would so appreciate your suggestions!

Re: Help me find a backyard reception venue :) please & thank you

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    Try the George G. Golleher Alumni House (on the CSUF campus).  I'm getting married there on Friday.  It's a spanish style home with a large backyard/patio that is perfect for a reception! :)  It's super affordable too! GL!!
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    Once you enter the website, scroll all the way to the bottom for pics of the place. I'm getting married in June, so can't really give a complete opinion, but this is a pretty nice place for an afternoon, laid-back wedding. I'll have 100 guests, but I think they can accomodate a little more than that. Good luck!

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