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Second thoughts about dress

Anyone buy your wedding dress and then second guess yourself? I bought a dress about a month ago but I keep having second thoughts. I do like it a lot but it is just so different from the dress I thought I wanted. I bought the one that seemed most flattering on me, but I find myself continuing to look up pictures of other dresses online. I'm sure that it is not returnable and buying a second dress is crazy! I am just torn between what I thought I wanted and then what actually looked decent on me! So many decisions . . .

Re: Second thoughts about dress

  • meldawnmeldawn member
    edited December 2011
    Yes, I definetely had second thoughts. Wait until your first dress fitting though, you will fall in love with it all over again. I think its just such a huge purchase, and there are so many choices, its hard not to wonder. If you loved it that day, then be confident its the one.
  • mindiosumindiosu member
    edited December 2011
    I second thought my dress until my second fitting. After the first round of fitting it to me, I was so excited about it. Like pp said, just wait.
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    I had second thoughts about my dress about a month after buying the it. I "accidetally" tried on another dress while I was dress shopping with my brother's fiance. I decided to buy the 2nd dress that I fell in love with and I am SO happy that I did that. I would have been miserable in the first dress...mind you it really is a hideous dress and I must have been on drugs when I bought the first one. (kidding obviously). Honestly I think you should just go try on more dresses...you'll either realize that you made a big mistake or you'll realize that you really do love the dress you bought.
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    I did, too. But I think that's normal. I'm so glad I stuck with my first dress because it was just so perfect for me.
  • Zim345Zim345 member
    edited December 2011
    Set yourself a budget for another dress and go look. If you are unhappy it may be worth it. Just set a really low budget ($500 perhaps) and hit up Davids. They have tons for decent prices and it could solidify your first choice or allow you to be truly happy the day of your wedding. Either way it is worth knowing :)
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    Yes, I did, but in the end I loved my dress. It might help if you stop looking at other dresses :). Just remember you bought it for a reason right! Try and get your mind on another task for the wedding. If in a couple of weeks you are still having doubts then look into other options, but I think it's normal... buyers remorse lol.
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    I bought my first dress and every time I tried it on again I liked it less and less for me. When I bought it I liked it, but didn't love it. It was very inexpensive and my mom loved it so that swayed my opinion. After looking at myself in the pictures I took with it on and continually trying it on I knew I wasn't happy. I went out dress shopping ON MY OWN to find what I LOVED without any friends' or family's opinion.What  I realized is you said you "like it a lot." You didn't say you love it. I think it's ok to go out and look again. If your dress really is the one, then you will know it by ruling out all others. When I found "the dress" I still wanted to make sure after already having one dress. I couldn't find anything that compared to the dress I love so I knew it was the one. Go look some more and you will be sure either way! Make sure you LOVE it.Good luck!
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    I found my dress in January, and didn't "fall in love" with it till 3 weeks ago at my 2nd/final fitting.  Since I NEVER see strapless dresses on myself, I never felt pretty in it until it was made to fit me.  After my 1st fitting in August, I had SERIOUS second thoughts (and I couldn't afford to have those thoughts, which made it even worse!)  I kept talking to my friends and my mom, and they reminded me that I wasn't used to seeing myself in a gown, and that's why I felt so uncomfortable and unpretty.  But I stuck with it, and at my second fitting, I knew I had made the right choice. I'm soooo glad that I stuck with it-- and DH is, too! :)
  • mollyfayemollyfaye member
    edited December 2011
    Just an idea: could you take your dress to a dress maker/seamstress and perhaps make some changes so it becomes the dress you're looking for? Does it have some qualities you want, but not all of them? If so looking into having it made into your perfect dress could be a solution aside from buying another one or settling for something you don't love. I love my dress, it was exactly what I was looking for-to start with. It's everything I want in cut, color, style, and the way it makes me feel is indescribable. However, I will be taking it to a seamstress who is known for enhancing: I LOVE my dress, but I want it to have a few extras so this course of action is perfect for me because I knew I'd never just stumble upon the dress I see in my head. So I found as close to perfect as I could fathom and now I'll just "molly it up" a little bit, this way it is uniquely mine and everything I dreamed of. Just a thought! HTH and good luck with your decision, I'm sure you will work it out.
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    Thanks for all your thoughts and encouragement!!  I do like the dress I bought.  I think that I am just struggling because it is not the style that I had thought I wanted for the past year.  But, as you all know, dresses look VERY different on a real body than they do on the hanger or on a model.  I may just need to try on some more dresses similar to what I had in my head.  Hopefully it will convince me that I bought the right one!  I better not bring mom, though!  She'd have a fit if she knew I was still looking!  Oh, and my fiance thinks I am crazy!  He hasn't seen the dress but he thinks I am being way too indecisive!  The men just don't get it!!
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