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Flower Girls... How many are too many?

FI and I had originally decided to have my goddaughter as our flower girl. My goddaughter will be 2 years old at the wedding, and we are not having a ring bearer.
Recently, I spent time with FI's mom and his "aunt" (not biological, but his mother and her were foster sisters and consider one another sisters) and his Aunt's three daughters, who are... I think 6, 4 and 2 (I'm not 100% sure on the ages, but that's ballpark). They're very sweet little girls, and FI is really close with his Aunt, and I think she's an amazing woman. The oldest girl asked me about who I was having as my flower girl (she never asked to be my flower girl, just asked who was, and I said I hadn't decided yet). Later in the conversation she was talking about her grandma getting married and how she hoped she would be a flower girl. She said "I really hope she asks me to be her flower girl. My whoooole life I've dreaaamed of being a flower girl!" Her dad then commented telling her that he didn't think her grandma would have flower girls. I don't feel obligated by any means to ask the girls to be flower girls, but after hearing her say that I thought how great it would be to have the girls be a part of it, and really make them happy in the process.
So if I do ask the girls, that will put us up to four flower girls. What are your thoughts? Too much? I had thought about making it a bit different, and having the oldest girl, who will be around 7, walk down and throw petals with my goddaughter, who will be 2. Then have the two younger sisters, who will be around 3 and 5, walk down holding a sign that says "Here comes the bride" before I walk down (see picture, below). That way it might be a bit less overkill with all four girls. Any opinions? Feel free to tell me if you think it's stupid, I like honesty :) 

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