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Engagement party & photos

so OUR parents are throwing our Engagement party in a few weeks I am excited but dont know what to wear or what to expect or do? Ummm do I get fi a gift? our hostest a gift?....

And then we are doing our engagement photos later this year in August.. and dont know what to wear?! We wanna do them on the beach and maybe some city pics. I love love love pruple so the photographer is gonna help make the clouds purple in the picture :)
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Re: Engagement party & photos

  • ms.ritaliums.ritaliu member
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    it's always nice to thank the hosts of your party- since it's your parents, a sentimental gift of some sort, i think, would be appropriate.   As to what to wear- it kind of depends on where it's being held.  I don't know if there is certain etiquette, but I would say wear something that you are comfortable in, is appropriate for the place, and something nice :)  Keep in mind, people will be taking pictures, so it helps to look nice :)  You don't need to get FI a gift.

    Engagement pictures - I've done them twice (the first time b/c it was free and to get a feel for it)-- wear clothes that are YOU.  Wear something that you are also comfortable in because if you're not, it'll show!  Usually couples wear one casual outfit (maybe for the beach) and one nicer outfit, perhaps for your city shots.   I think it's great that your photographer is making the clouds purple!!!  GL!
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