Winter ski wedding in Colorado - dress ideas

I had a friend who was married at Granby Ranch, also know as Sol Vista Basin this past winter. Her pictures were incredible, and I thought I would share the ideas with any of you who are thinking about winter snow wedding themes:

It was awesome watching her snowboard down the mountain in her wedding dress!!  I hope this is helpful!!

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    Wow! Thanks so much for sharing! Coincidently I am in the middle of planning my wedding and funny enough we are doing the exact same thing. A winter wedding, snowboarding, and a fun weekend on the slopes with family and friends. I've been searching everywhere for ideas since winter weddings, especially weddings that include a bride and groom's love for snowboarding, don't seem to be very common. But the few out there that have done it, I think it's awesome and I've enjoyed seeing some ideas! I am very very excited to see how ours turns out!!
  • Omg this wedding was my inspiration for my wedding in march. I'm getting married at sol vista as well and skiing down the mountain!
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