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What is a good price for photography and what should be included??

I am just not sure what to look for and what a good price is?  Everyone I have looked at is pretty expensive?  Just wondering if anyone has a great photographer they can recommend?  Thanks!!

Re: What is a good price for photography and what should be included??

  • Here's a post from the Denver thread.  Her pictures look really good.


    Our photographer included - editing, proofs, online album and rights to print, cd with all the images on it.
  • We are getting married in Oct and went with:  http://www.adeptinkandpixel.com/
    Very friendly company and we are excited to have them.

    There is http://www.fortunefavorsbold.com/ who will also be at our wedding doing our video.. They do both.

    Good luck!
  • Stephanie Brauer is a great artist. in the area.

    You should expect to spend at least $1000 on your wedding photography. But trust me, someone with talent and experience is usually in the $2000-$3000 range.

    Remember to take into consideration that for every hour of coverage, your photographer will be spending 2-3 hours editing those images. They're just like any other business, so treat them with the respect they deserve and don't try to haggle. Most photographers have a la carte options or lower cost options available, but trust their expertise.

    If I could do it all over again, I wou;dn't have wasted money on all the details that don't matter anymore. I would've spent it all on the photographer.
  • Sorry Jomoni10, I looked at Mandy Baros and I was not very impressed ... you could've done better.  As the wife of a photographer, I would say you should expect to pay $1500-$2000 for someone decent.  Once you get into the $4k+ range, I feel like you are paying more for their name than any added skill.  My husband is on the lower end, being that he is new to the business, but has been photographing for years and years.  As far as what you should get, I think the standard package includes hours spent at your wedding and hours spent editing.  It seems to be hit or miss whether digital images or prints are included.  You can see his work/contact him about pricing at www.chasehoffman.com

    That said, we paid $2500 for our photographer when we got married June2011.  She wasn't the cheapest around, but we felt that she was the most skilled and matched our style for the price.  She was also super nice and someone I felt we could get along with.
  • I honestly think that wedding photography is something that you should skimp too much on.  You can ask a photographer to help work with your budget and see what they can do but if you don't get a good photographer and aren't happy with your wedding pictures, that just STINKS later because it's what you have to help you remember the day.  
    A "good photographer" in my opinion knows about lighting and has nice equipment so they can work in any lighting situation.  Think of bright sunshine, dark receptions etc.  What if your cheap photographer can't take pictures well in the dark and you don't have any nice pictures of your first dance, or your husbands face when he sees you for the first time. . . Sorry I've been thinking  a lot about this lately because we just booked our photographer and she's slightly more than we had planned on spending but still gave us a good deal when we told her our budget and our wedding plans-

  • After your wedding day — the food is eaten, the flowers are dead, and the dress is in a box. The only thing that lives is the photographs. 

    Modern photography coverage most often includes an online presentation for family & friends to view and a disc with your images, ready-to-print with a personal copyright release. Some photographers will include an album and/or print credit with their package fee, others go ala carte delivering the disc and online gallery.

    Experienced photographers have the skill, experience, and equipment to adjust to dramatically changing conditions on a Wedding Day. They also have a bag of gear to quickly replace items that might break (or get dropped) during your event.

    Style varies widely, usually along the lines of posed vs. non-posed. Some photographers can blend in and capture real moments with magical ease (think Life Magazine or National Geographic), with others are known for colorful portraits (Vanity Fair, Vogue), while most successful wedding photographers would say they deliver a mix of each of these styles. 

    What photographers need is great light, a nice venue, and a little bit of time. Take away any of these items and it's the real pro that can adjust to horrible light, an un-photogenic location, or a bride who's 90 minutes late to her own wedding (it happens, often). 

    What's it cost? The average in Colorado for full day coverage with image disc and online gallery is $2500. Add a 2nd photographer and a storybook and the average professional service will climb to $4,000.

    Want to spend less? Consider a non-Saturday wedding - most photographers ofter discounts for off-peak days. Perhaps you may find a entry Wedding Photographer who's building a portfolio. If you spend less, be prepared to get a little less. A beginning photographer might not have the lighting equipment, or lenses, or camera bodies that allow adpating to changing conditions. 

    Best way to judge a wedding photographer is to see three complete weddings photographed within the last year. Not just the 'money shots' but the entire coverage. After three weddings, you know their style, their priorites, and their abilities.

    Does that help? Have a great wedding!


  • Our photographer is charging us $2K for 6 hrs of coverage, all the images on a disc, online gallery, and 2nd photographer. I love her work: http://www.cassidybrooke.com/.
    We also looked at Snowshoe Photography, and they charge $1785 for 5 hrs coverage, images on a disc, 2 photographers, and an online gallery. There's usually a $100 off coupon. http://www.snowshoestudios.com/

    Both of these photographers are based in Colorado Springs.

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