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Venders that don't take Credit Card

Has anyone run into venders that do not have the ability to take credit cards? I feel uneasy about sending a check as there is no way to get the money back if a vender does not come through with their part of the obligation, (with a credit card you can do a charge back).. Anyway there are two venders that I really like but they do not take credit cards. 

Has anyone paid their venders with a check? and was the outcome good? Would you do it again? why or why not? Thank you for sharing. <3
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Re: Venders that don't take Credit Card

  • skiingstarkskiingstark member
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    edited December 2011
     I think about half of my vendors were with checks. Credit Cards cost money to use by the vendors so imany vendors keep  the costs down by not useing credit cards. Just make sure you have a good contract and do not pay the full cost till the wedding.
  • LesPaulLesPaul member
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    edited December 2011
    I paid by check to the florist, cake baker, and caterer.  The venue was the only one I paid by debit card.  No problems with anyone.
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  • catarntinacatarntina member
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    edited December 2011
    I paid by check to everyone so far.  I don't have to pay anything in-full until 2 weeks before my date.  Some vendors require day-of payments, some require two weeks before.  Make sure you sign a contract, because if they don't show up, you can sue them to get your deposit back, or your payment in-full.  Keep copies of everything you sign.  And maybe make sure the person meeting/greeting vendors as they show up has a copy too so they know what to expect.

    The bank keeps a record of your cancelled check, so if you have a problem, you can go back to the bank to get an official copy and take the vendor to court.  Not only can you sue for your deposit, but you can probably sue for having to pay someone to come on short notice, and all your legal fees.

    All though, if you're hiring reputable vendors, this will be a non-issue (check with the BBB's website for their BBB rating).  They dont want their good name tarnished.  Wood-of-mouth is how a lot of these people get business.  For instance, your MOH gets engaged two days after your wedding.  She is going to be asking you for advice on which companies you did/did not like and why. Vendors don't really want to screw that up.

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