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Vendors in Grand Junction

I feel like I am the only one getting married in Grand Junction next summer.  Any one else doing it or know some one who has.  I am looking for some vendor suggestions and would love feedback.

Re: Vendors in Grand Junction

  • edited December 2011
    I live about 1 hr. away.. in this area...  close enough! We were searching in that area too.  And have had to use some, as they have some things we can't get in our area. What kind of vendors are you looking for?  Sometimes out here you gotta get creative...and sometimes willing to "travel".    Some of the local Restaurants do catering.  Some do event rentals.  Some of the sites are interesting, and we did come across one that was in a residential area.  (Monument View.  The grounds were nice, the owner is pretty flexible and she's got a sweet personality. But there were some concerns about parking, end time - ceremony and reception can be done at the same place- with it being a residential area... she wanted things pretty much done by 10 ish!)    but she was so helpful in offering up vendor selections, as they did their daughters wedding there.  They're listed on the knot under CO venues.  We were thinking "olive Garden" for catering - prices were pretty decent too.  But others have suggested "wild rose catering" 

    forgot to add, We did decide to use Steve Boyer for photography.  For us, he's sweet, professional, has enough experience and background to know what he's doing.  He lives in GJ, works out of his house (which for us wasn't an issue, and our consult there made us feel comfy.. wasn't "seedy" at all!")  He was straight forward, laid it all out.  I also liked the fact that when asked:  "what happens if things go south before the wedding" and he straigt up answered: you get your deposit back.  To me, it said alot!  meaning if he didn't do the work, we didn't pay crap!  $100 to book!  We'd changed venue's since we booked him, and he's still willing to travel out here.  And was okay w/ driving an hour home after the ceremony - we're finishing kinda late.  He's also not that expensive.  So far, so Awesome (We're getting Married July 2011, ....)
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