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Centennial Park & Ultimate Skybox

Hi everyone!  I have been considering the Ultimate Skybox for my reception location, however it is not really possible to have our ceremony there because they only seat 30 people (we are having ~70 guests).  I am considering Centennial Park for the ceremony, despite the fact that I really wanted to have everything in the same location.  Has anyone held a ceremony at Centennial Park?  What are the costs associated with it?  Did you have to rent the chairs and sound system and everything?  Also, if anyone knows of any places within walking distance of the Skybox, that would be helpful as well.  Thanks ladies!!

Re: Centennial Park & Ultimate Skybox

  • anlindstanlindst member
    edited December 2011
    We are having both ceremony and reception at the Skybox and are also having about 75 guests, we are going to make our ceremony short and sweet so its easy for people to stand. I was thinking how great it would be to have the ceremony at Park at the Park at Petco downstairs - cute grassy hill!! My FI didnt want to pursue this because he wants us to keep costs down but I think Park at the Park would be so cute, and then you just take the elevator up!
  • SheliaPierceSheliaPierce member
    edited December 2011
    I've worked with many brides who have had their reception at the Ultimate Skybox. My only concern for a reception at the Park at Petco is the "little gifts that pets leave behind". Because it is a public place, and because not all pet-parents clean up after their may have issue there. Along with homeless. Though if rented out, you would have the area all to yourself, but run the risk of having uninvited guests in background.  Just food for thought!
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