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Good Morning!

Good morning ladies! Happy hump day! How's your week going?

Re: Good Morning!

  • Good morning i think i will fell better tomorrow once i get my test results in!!!! Other than that i dont know.... i guess i want to do some wedding stuff but at the same time i wish my mom was here.

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  • Good morning!  I'm a bit tired this morning since FI surprised me with midnight Eclipse tickets last night!  Yay! I love that man!

    Now I gotta go to work for the day :(

    How's your morning Bethie?
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  • It's good! Just beyond busy at work. Blah! We need to get this board moving.. It is SLOW!
  • Good Morning! today is going good my last 12 hour shift today then my weekend starts!! Plus yesterday my BEAUTIFUL 7lb 10oz 20 1/4 inch long niece was born!!!!  I love being an aunt gets rid of that baby fever I get every now and then!!

    Kristin let us know how you did when you find out!!!

    Hope everyone has a great day!!
  • Borey that is soooooo exciting i am soooo happy for you!!! I am an aunt but i am not close to that sister, but my bestie has to kids and they call me Auntie Kristin!! LOL They are soo cute, when they met Eric for the first time, they called him Unecle Eric it was great.....yes i do love it how it gets rid of that baby fever!! haha
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  • I'm great! I'm happy it's Hump day and we get to go cake tasting tonight. YAY! Finally get to do something FUN! But it is the last day of the month which means I'm super busy at work for the next week!! UGH... Tomorrow I hope to get a little more organized with all my wedding plans and binder.

    ~January 2011~
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  • Hello everyone!

    I'm sleepy from seeing Eclipse last night a well.  Had a blast though! :-) and luckily my boss let me come in whenever I wanted!  So I strolled in at 11.30.....and only have to work until 6.30!
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  • Good Morning or Good Afternoon everyone!!! Borey Mazel Tov on your niece!!! That is wonderful news!! I looked into honeymoon stuff yesterday, talked to a makeup artist. Today I am just recoping from my morning kickboxing workout!! I am so tired!!!!
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