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January 2011 Weddings

getting married in jamaica

i am getting married in jamaica just the two of us!  but i still want to have the big reception afterwards is that ok?  really confused do i still have bridesmaids? do people still bring cards?

Re: getting married in jamaica

  • My sister in law did this.  It was a family thing in Jamaica in January, but then they had a huge backyard party in the summer.  They registered for gifts (not putting that in invitations of course) and 300 people came, ate, danced, and brought cards and gifts.

    Some people think it's rude to have a wedding celebration without guests and then expect gifts, but I think since gifts are supposedly optional people should get married the way they want.  Why wouldn't friends and family want to celebrate it anyways?

    You might run into people who are resentful and don't want to buy you gifts, so they won't... but I'm assuming you're not in it for the gifts :)  Kaite's wedding was beautiful.  Enjoy Jamaica!
  • oh!  I wouldn't have bridesmaids or anything... a little odd to me if no one was there for the wedding.  Unless you are renewing vows/having a ceremony.  If it's just the party, than you can always ask a good friend to toast/say something, but I wouldn't designate a "wedding party."
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