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Hi everyone,
I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Vanessa our wedding is 1.15.11. And we cannot wait!!!
I have been reading through everyone's post and they are very helpful.

Look forward to sharing and planning with each of you!!

Re: Intro

  • Hello Vanessa! That was our original date but we got our venue for a fraction of the cost booking it for the Friday before... 1/14/11

    Welcome to the January 2011 board! Are you newly engaged?
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  • Hello!!! That is our date as well!! Congrats and happy planning!!!
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  • Welcome! Hows the planning going?  Have fun so far?  Any themes?
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  • Welcome! This board is full of ideas, as well as some ladies like myself who have been planning for a while. Feel free to ask questions!!!
  • I have been engaged since March...Just getting into the boards...never really noticed them. Addicted to the Knott though!!
    We are pretty far along in our planning which is great. No real theme but I like the 30"s inspired idea. Out place is an old Bank lobby so it is Marble and high Ceilings. We live in NYC but we are getting Married in Albany NY. FI Is from there. We are saving TON by getting married up there. I am from Long Island originally and the prices there and in NYC are just crazy!!!
    Any one have any fun transportation ideas? Also looking for colors to go with lavendar  Callies
  • ALso do you guys get emails when someone post? How do you knwo when to check?
  • Nope no emails, most of us just check it on a regular basis....some more than others.  You could have responses emailed to you, it's an option at the top of the threads, otherwise just check back on a regular basis!

    Welcome and good luck planning!
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  • Welcome Vanessa! I mostly keep the site up on my computer during the day. I also like watching the video's. Some have actually been helpful. I would say ask your florist about colors that go with the flowers you like.

    As for planning, enjoy yourself! It's the day that is about you and the man you love!

    I have a friend getting married in August and she is doing 30's/40's theme. She is letting her guests come in 30's/40's attire.
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  • Hi welcome!

    As for the transportation you could talk to a local auto club and see if they will let you rent a few vintage cars!
  • Welcome!

    I just have to say, I LOVE the state of NY! All of it.  My father is from upstate and fiance is from CT, about 45 mins from NYC.  We all live here, in AL, now though :-( 
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  • Jaclyn,
    I love it to I have lived here my entire life and love it. NYC is the best and we never want to leave but we are going to have to one day!! We will most liley go south...maybe Charleston!
    Great advice on the AUto CLub thanks!!!
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