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January 2011 Weddings

Jan 1 brides wow only 4 more days

Hey Jan 1 brides how are you ladies doing? Is all of your planning done or are you just finishing up with the final touches. We are almost done with everything for the big day. As of yesterday the resturant that was suppose to be catering cancelled on us so we had to scramble and find another alternative. Luckly we did thank God!!! Also since our reception is going to be outdoor we got the weather forcast and it looks like a high of 58 degress. That is concisider freezing for Arizona people so we will have to figured out what we are going to do soon. The big day is almost here I am so excited for all of the Jnauary brides our time has come
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Re: Jan 1 brides wow only 4 more days

  • OMG thats crazy!!! Shoot i am freaking out now, my panic attacks just started!! LOL I cant imagine if i would even be on the internet 4 days out!!
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  • Wow! Congratulations January 1st/2nd brides!!!
  • GAH! I am so excited. The next two days are full of making sure everything is going well. Yay to the brides of Jan 1-3 :] so close!
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  • Well I just finished up the favor's and the reception timeline and printed out the music for the church. We still have some decorating to do and then make all the food and then we will be done.. That sounds like alot now that I just said it. lol it will be fine can't wait until the 1st so I can enjoy it.. Have a wonderful day ladies.
  • i kinda wish mine was this weekend! i still have another month! i want it all to be over with!!!
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  • leighbee99 - Your big day will be here before you know it time just flys by.

    Torihogan -Looks like you are just finishing up with the final touches

    Kristin&eri... - Lol it my way of staying sane at work... It also helps me to reliaze that I am not the only bride freaking out right now lol
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  • I'm having a heart attack for you guys! I'm still 2 weeks away and can not imagine being in your shoes right now.
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  • I would have freaked out if someone cancelled on me a week out. It's so great that you were able to get someone so short notice.

    We leave tomorrow for Hawaii. The forecast calls for rain there. I'm really hoping that it holds off.

    Congrats and good luck to all you other Jan 1st/2nd brides.
  • Congrats girls! I'm just lurking...April 11 bride here!! I got a kick out of the freezing 58 degrees...I live in WI and it was 35 today, everyone thought it was soooo nice out!! I wanted a 1-1-11 wedding, but up here you just can trust the weather this time of year :/ 
    Congrats to all of you!!
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