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Productive Weekend!

Got quite a bit of wedding stuff done this weekend! FI and I started both of our registries yesterday. Exhausting, but so much fun! I also got an invitation sample from Cards and Pockets a couple of days ago and it is PERFECT! FI is super happy about that because I agonized over Save The Dates for weeks and I was sure it would take forever for me to decide on invitations, but as soon as I looked at the sample... I knew I found our invitations!

Speaking of STDs, I just ordered them! Finally! We're still trying to get names and addresses together but I'm hoping once the STDs have arrived it will push us to finish gathering addresses and such. And Debbies44... that discount code you posted a few weeks back for magnetstreet.com definitely saved me some money! It paid for the shipping costs! So thanks!!

I also submitted a request for a quote for the string quartet we want for our ceremony today. They said they're available on our date so I'm super excited! I also made our cake tasting appointment and picked out a design. So a week from Tuesday we get to go taste cake!

What things have you guys accomplished this past weekend/week?

Re: Productive Weekend!

  • i've had kinda a quiet week since sending out my STDs cuz i feel like the biggest most difficult part is done, plus i had issues with picking my BM dresses and that got done around the same time, so i'm kinda lollygagging around now feeling like i have nothing to do. besides, this is one of my family's "birthday weeks" cuz my sister's FI's birthday was yesterday, mine is tomorrow, and my grandmother's birthday is on Friday so we did one big pool party celebration today. so not much got accomplished wedding related this week.

    doesn't it feel good for you to get some of those big things done, though? i know i was exhausted after my FI and i went and did our registries. unfortunately, my mom says we don't have a lot of things on one of them so we're gonna have to register at another store or something (ugh). i think STDs and picking out invitations are the toughest, plus having to get all the addresses put together, so you're lucky you pretty much have both of those ironed out. i still need to start on picking my invites, my mom has a friend who is gonna help us DIY them, so hopefully it will be pretty effortless.

    happy planning with the next steps you have to take! :)
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  • So exciting ladies!! This past week we started our two registries, and this weekend my mom found her dress!! I'll be ordering our STD's Wednesday when I get payed (and just in time for that coupon code!), and hopefully by the time they come in we will have all the addresses and can get them sent! My dress should be in by the last week of July, and my sister (MOH) and I are going to start looking for BM dresses mid-July. I may make my day-of hoodie this week if I can find a white zip-up hoodie somewhere cheap!
  • Great checks ladies! FI and I did NOTHING wedding related, which was actually a nice change of pace, haha!
  • Wow!  Sounds like a productive weekend!  

    We didn't do too much planning.  We had wedding number 1 of 9 this weekend so it was nice to see some dos and don'ts for my wedding.  Although going to the wedding made our guest list jump up 4 people.  Oops!  Now we are at 347.  Yikes!  Other than that its been really quiet.  All the big stuff is done!  We need to order the men's tuxes and decide on a time line.  The rest is just paying stuff off.. UGH!
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  • Hi ladies! Yay for checks to all of you! This weekend was all about relaxing with FI, but we did manage to pick out my mother's dress. So something was done! 
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  • Nothing really done...we went to a baseball game with friends we haven't seen all summer so that was tons of fun!  Then we went to my parent's house and hung out with our cat and did (free!) laundry! 

    I did totally re-do my bio to reflect the decisions we've made about the wedding :)
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  • Quick question about the STD for MagnetStreet discount code: will it still work or has it expired?
    What is the code?
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  • In Response to Re: Productive Weekend!:
    Quick question about the STD for MagnetStreet discount code: will it still work or has it expired? What is the code?
    Posted by JaclynManey

    I posted it on a few posts back, but I think it's expired.  I think yesterday was the last day :(

    You could always check out retailmenot.com for other ones
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  • Thanks! :-)
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