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January 2011 Weddings

Snow Anxiety

I'm more of a lurker on this site than a poster..and not to create a panic or anything, but did this weekend's weather create anxiety for any other Jan brides?  A January wedding sounded fab when I got engaged in July, but now the reality that I could end up with weather like yesterday is driving me crazy.  I have a lot of out of town guests and my parents will kill me if it snows so badly my vendors cancel and they lose a crapload of money (particularly as they were not so pleased with my Jan date).

Any advice to calm the nerves?  Thanks!

Re: Snow Anxiety

  • I just got married 12-11-10 and it rained in WI!  I was not expecting that.  There were blizzard warnings to the west of us so some people did leave early, but at least I didn't have any no-shows because the days leading up to the wedding were storm-free.  

    That's the most important forecast is the days leading up to the wedding. :)

    Try not to stress.

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  • Oh I hear ya.  Chicago weather in the winter is really tricky.  We ended up buying wedding insurance so if there is a blizzard or other bad weather and we need to cancel the wedding we will get reimbursed for everything.  
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  • I got snowed in during this past storm and it  brought on a bit of anxiety. I do not have a backup plan so we are working on that tonight and tomorrow. I am praying that nothing happens but you never know. This is DC. I am just worried about the people that are traveling in from out of town. My MOH is coming in from Mexico. It would be killer if she could not fly in.. Gulp...starting to panic again..

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  • I am worried about the weather too for our wedding. The forcast says that it going to be 58 degress. Our wedding is going to be held in Tucson Az but for people here 58 degrees is too much to handle. We are probably going to have to rent space heaters or something. Good luck brides hope the weather is awesome on your big day,

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  • The weather worried me also as I am from NJ, so ALL of my family is coming from the east coast. However according to my brother majority of my family has made it to D.C. via train or bus and there is a carpool leaving in about an hour. Definitely relieves me!
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  • I was starting to worry about the weather...until I realized it's MN...if people can't handle driving in the snow they wouldn't be living here.  I also have had plenty of family and friends who reassured me at the holidays that even if it snows they will make it. Everyone is ready to leave early and to help make our wedding day special.  We've also arranged rides for our elderly grandparents who may not have wanted to drive if the roads are bad. 

    Best wishes! :)
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