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I think I might have found the dress....

....to copy that is :)

So I know I've mentioned a ton that my mom's friend is making my dress.  After meeting with her to discuss it, she gave me some useful information on what to look out for so that we can nail down a design that looks good.  I was going off a dress a mormon friend of mine wore in her wedding and so it had sleeves and things like that--I want a sweetheart neckline so we were challenged in trying to figure out how the neckline would work.  Well I ran across Maggie Sottero's design.  Holy crap I LOVE her dresses.  Seriously, there were like 10 that I would love to buy, lol.

But I found one that I LOVE the top of.  I'm not a fan of the bottom because it bunches on the side, and I want it to come together in the back.  Then I found a very similar dress with the perfect back/bottom.  It needs to be more a-line in the front, but it's the general look I'm going for.  I'm so excited!  I love that I get to mesh dresses together to get exactly what I want! The best part is now I can go try on these dresses and see how they look and make sure my vision matches with how I'll look in it!

After trying to post the pics, they won't work :(  You can check out the Amanda style for the top:  I really love the layered beading look!

And the Stevie style for the bottom.  I wan this bottom, but I don't want it to go in at the sides at all.  I want it straight a-line all the way down.

Let me know what you think!  I'm so excited now :)
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Re: I think I might have found the dress....

  • Debbie, its going to be gorgeous!!!! I LOVE Maggie Sottero! That top is just beautiful, and the bottom is really cool. I wanted a bottom like that, my Latina hips and bottom disagree with that wish. I love that you can mix and match to, just make sure to get fitted perfectly. I went with MS for my dress too, but mine will be from the Sottero & Midgley collection. Congrats on finding The One! Smile
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  • edited June 2010
    thanks ladies!  I can't believe I hadn't looked at her dresses before.  They are my EXACT style.  It's crazy how many of them I loved.  I also love the Gwenyth: http://www.maggiesottero.com/dress.aspx?line=m&pageSize=100&style=R1066 the Melissa Brooch (the one that brought MS to my attention):http://www.maggiesottero.com/dress.aspx?line=m&pageSize=100&page=1&style=A3342BRT as well as the Dallas Marie: http://www.maggiesottero.com/dress.aspx?line=m&pageSize=100&page=3&style=J1127

    I think if my mom's friend can't do the beading from the amanda, I might go with the dallas marie look.  I think the bow is really cool looking.  It's so different from other sashes I've seen.

    I just can't believe I found these now after months of looking at dresses!  I'm glad to hear you both love your dresses :)  Schwoeber--I've even looked at your bio tons of times and never noticed the designer, but I do love your dress!  Funny how things work out I guess!
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  • wow that is very pretty i think it willbe a gorgeous dress!!
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  • Gorgeous!!  Can't wait to see the final product!
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  • They arebeautiful, but let me tell you onething, when I went out too look at dresses, I put on the top 2 I had loved when I looked at them online, I got them on, excited as all heck, and thye looked horrible...

    Even if you are having someone make your dress go into a store that sells the style you like and try them on. Make sure before to commit to it...

    I found my dress, and it was NOTHING like what I wanted, and it looks amazing!

    But I love your style looks great!

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