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January 2011 Weddings

favor budget?

what are most of you budgeting for favors? i was looking at those cocoa cones but it was like 400-something for 125 of them and i was like ummm.. lol

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Re: favor budget?

  • I managed to only spend about $70 for my favors. They're rock candy sticks that we put into bags, put a homemade tag on and tied with ribbon. Right now we only need about 70 of them but have enough for a little over 100 favors.
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  • We were going to spend around $100 for about 90 of them, but I'm actually leaning towards skipping the favors and using the money on something else.
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  • We are doing a candy bar and the bags that I found at Oriental Trading post for $5.00 for 100 so it worked out well. I think for everything we are around $50.00.

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    [QUOTE]what are most of you budgeting for favors? <strong>i was looking at those cocoa cones but it was like 400-something for 125 of them and i was like ummm.. lol</strong>
    Posted by xstarx05x[/QUOTE]

    I'm doing hot cocoa cones. I made 140 and I probably spent about $30 for everything. I saw some in CVS for $3.99/piece and I figured I could do it myself for cheaper! I ordered the bags off of ebay, the tags from vistaprint (free), and went to Krogers and got all the edible stuff. Here's the instructions that I followed: <a href="http://sites.google.com/site/futuremrsp/cocoaconediy">http://sites.google.com/site/futuremrsp/cocoaconediy</a>
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  • We only spent about $40 or $50 on ours. I wanted to do something cute and expensive but then realized how many will be left behind. We went with siver favor boxes filled with red hots (the candy) and tied with a red bow.
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  • I think ours come out to about 50 cents apiece. We're making origami boxes with Hershey's kisses inside. I've also added a little charm and ribbon to make them pop more.
  • We are doing the hot cocoa thing but not using the cones...just a small treat bag size.  I made tags to tie on...
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  • oo i wonder where i could get bulk cocoa mix. i checked costco (only online) and could only see starbucks stuff. right now what i plan on having are "furry friends" (cadbury chocolate bars shaped like aussie animals) which will be about $100 for 125. 

    theres also this cool "plantable" stationary that you can grow herbs with that i was thinking of using for the tags, which will be about $250.

    so that would be $350 total.. excluding favor bags/ribbons. i didn't spend that much on stationary for invitations tho.. i dont know. i'm so indecisive!

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  • We actually went over our budget for our favors. We bought favor boxes with platinum ribbon which was like $70 for 140. The same place that made our invitations made a 2 layer favor tag that was $300. We are filling them with customized M&Ms in platinum and white and that was $150.. YIKES!! when you put it like that we spent $520 EKK.. Oh well! I'm really happy with them..
  • We spent about $75 for 200 favors. I am just doing mesh bags with different hershey kisses in them . Then I made tags that read "Love is sweet"
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  • I spent $40 on favors.I did candy boxes with our monogram & our wedding color boxes and bows. I did 70 of them.
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  • We're foregoing on the favors.  I've read that most of them are left on the tables & I can only remember 1 or 2 favors from past weddings that we've gone to so we didn't feel it was necessary for us. 
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  • Wow, I guess I'm on the high end of budget things.  Luckily my parents offered to pay for most of the cost of them.  Ours came out to around $400 and the $50 for the bags and about $100 for the jordan almonds.  Then again, we have 300ish guests coming. 
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  • yeah i hear that quite often they're left behind or guests just toss them, but i feel like people will be like "wtf" if there are no favors lol maybe i'll just do the aussie cadbury and a normal tag

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  • spending about $400 on our soap favors.

    We are putting homemade cocoa cones in our OOT boxes :)

    Here is how we are making them:
    Bought cone bags from Nashville wraps (you need 2 bags per finished cone)
    put a few scoops (fill half way) into 1 cone bag,  place 2 inches or so of marshmallows on top of the cocoa. twist top of the bag and close with a clear twist-tie.  Slip the filled/closed bag into another cone bag,,, and this time tie with ribbon and a tag.
    Amazon sells Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa mix for $17 for an 80 oz container
  •  price# needed
    Ribbon and ties and tags  20

    based on my estimates it would cost you about $110 to make 125 cones
  • wow those instructions are perfect. Thank you so much!

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    "Here we stand from two distant lands, brought together by His hand" <3 my Aussie <BR>
  • I ordered 200 pens with our logo on them from discountmugs.com.  cost about $106. I also made matchbook notebooks with our logo which may have cost about $20 for materials, cutting, etc. Oh, and the organza bags I ordered from eBay for about $20 or less.  So the total spent was about $150.  Had I known that when they print the pens they do like 20 more than you order, I would've ordered only 150!  Oh well, we'll have pens for years!
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  • Favors were a big part of my budget... I spent more on favors than I did on all of our flowers combined.  People traditionally do wine bottles for guests here, but I didn't want to spend $15/bottle for 150 guests, many of whom couldn't take a bottle back onto the plane OR didn't drink OR would think it wasn't "good enough."  I drink $4.00 bottles of wine and they make me happy LOL...

    Anyway, so I got favor bags (250/$60), cream tissue ($20 for a huge bag), and spent about $1 apiece for (a) a Tennessee T-Cake, (b) a cup of Smoky Mountain fudge with real moonshine in it, and (c) a bag of Nashville peanut brittle.  ...So about $4.00 per favor.  I got ribbon on clearance last Christmas and made the favor tags myself on the computer - little snowman shapes with cute text. At 150 guests and 1 favor PER GUEST, yeah, it's a ton of money - but this was figured into our wedding from Day 1.  I'm a Nashville bride getting married in New York, and I was determined to have one Tennessee thing to share with my guests! And we have a ton of divorced and single guests, so it seemed unfair to do one per couple.  I'm in debt, but the favors are one of the best features of my wedding.

    We sacrificed a fancy wedding car (I'm taking the coach bus with everyone else - no limo, and driving with my posse to the ceremony!), a fancy cake (going with the on-site baker at the hall), the coffee and dessert Viennese (sp?) table that surprisingly everyone expected, and a few other things to help make room for our favors.  I'm hugely DIY and wanted to put some special touches on our wedding.

    We also made 160 placecard holders for our guests to take home. They are rattan mini-wreaths ($0.19) with snowflake / button / flocked tree and snowman accents (depending on what was used in each, $0.40-$0.75 for accents), completed with a $0.04 ornament hook glued onto the wreaths courtesy of Christmas Tree Shops.  (There is a curli-cue in the ribbon hook that will accomodate the placecard.)  I love my little snowman army.

    ... oh, and little bonbonieres or however you spell it.  Jordan almond bags.  I got tulle circles at Hobby Lobby and ribbon on clearance at Michael's, and ordered the almonds from Oriental Trading.  I'm marrying an Italian guy and there's no way around the almonds.  Bleh.
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