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Change of date, not funny...

I hope nobody have to change the date of your wedding because that's really not funny at all. I'm fine now, and maybe it will be better, but was not easy. It was going to be in July 2010, and now in January 2011. And I had already my save the date cards, with the wrong date!!! But now I'm looking forward to change them.
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Re: Change of date, not funny...

  • aw how sad! but welcome to our board! everyone is super friendly!
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  • I bet it wasn't pleasant. But now you are in this super Board! Welcome!

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  • frogrobynfrogrobyn
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    I am sorry to hear that you had to change your wedding date. Especially after you  made your save the dates. Your wedding day will be special because it is a celebration of your love with your future husband.

    I promsie everyone on the January 2011 board is here to help you! Plus it's a fun friendly board!!!
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  • I'm very sorry to here that! But welcome to our board! GL
  • I am in the EXACTLY same boat as you... My wedding was August. But we had to move it back to January since FI didn't get a job and we couldn't live off of no income.  It is VERY hard.  Be strong! And try to let it spread word of mouth rather than telling everyone yourself. That was the hardest part: Telling my parents/family members. Once I told them, everyone else jus theard word of mouth so I did not need to tell them all.  It will be okay! Just think of the positives of moving it back: More time to plan, more time to get ready for marriage with FI, more time to make money for the wedding and beyond.  I'm actually happy with this new date after I took a more optimistic thinking style.

    PM me if you'd like to talk!
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  • i'm sorry you had to change your date! we had to do the same. we moved ours from may of this year to january and while we hadn't sent out save the dates, we had booked a lot of vendors. luckily, they were able to move our date for us, but it was a very stressful couple of weeks. my fiance was laid off and we were just too stressed out financially. moving it has been such a positive change, that we have no regrets now!
  • oh dear i am sorry to hear that. I am sure you can just tell people. But you have more time and to things for now. What date are you thinking in Jan???
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  • Sorry about changing your date, but welcome to the board!
  • Thanks to everyone!!!!!!!!!!! :)
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  • Awww how sweet!! Thank u!!  

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