addressing invitations - labels?

So, I know that PROPER etiquette says to hand-write addresses, but I have heard that it is becoming more acceptable to use labels if done in a calligraphy type font on a clear label.  Due to budgetary and time constraints, I am considering printing out address labels with a pretty script on a clear label for the outer envelopes, but I will hand-write names on the inner envelope.  What do you think?  Tacky?  Acceptable?

Re: addressing invitations - labels?

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    Personal preference here (so take this with a grain of salt) but I REALLY dislike labels on wedding invitations (which I guess makes me old school when it comes to addressing etiquette).  If you don't have time to handwrite (or the extra $$$ lying about to pay for someone else to do it), would it be possible for you to send them through your printer?  In my opinion, machine printed envelopes look leaps and bounds better than labels.

    One caveat - some brides/grooms are now using labels as a design element on their envelopes, and I think those are more acceptable.  See the pics below to see how we used them on our RSVP envelopes:

    The "blank" part on the front is where we put our return address, and the graphic is the same swirl that I used in designing the rest of our paper products.  I also purchased a round corner punch ($3 or something like that at staples) to make them look more "finished."


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    I have to agree, I would be sad to get a wedding invitation with a label- and its not about it not being handwritten, but I totally agree with the pp about putting them through your computer printer if you have a great font.  The poster above and I both posted about calligraphy last week and I found someone to do it for $1.15 an envelope in 5 days.  So worth it!!
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    I hand addressed every one of my invites and I was glad I did. I got a wedding invite with a label and it didnt seem as personal. If you dont have great hand writing, enlist the help of a friend. I happen to have very legible script and was able to do them, but if you set up a few that you like (how the invite is written and the spacing, it will be easier.
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    We did similar labels to those above - as she posted, more as a design element, I would never have done just a plain label...

    Here is a link to our invites with labels:
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    I have been having this same dilemma.  I personally wouldn't be offended if I got an address with a label, but almost everyone I've asked has said they should really be hand written.  I think it's one of those etiquette things that won't go away!  I hate my handwriting and think that would make the invitations looks worse than a label, but I'm going to try it out I guess!
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