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January 2011 Weddings

Wedding gitters...and it's a year away!

Hello, I am new to the board. It's a pleasure to read all of your posts.We have set our date for Jan. 11, 2011! Does anyone else feel overwhelmed by how much there is to do. Our colors are cobalt blue and hot pink. There is so much to decide on and everything depends on a decision on something else, where do we start?

Re: Wedding gitters...and it's a year away!

  • You have a date, so that's a good start! Welcome to the board! The next thing I would do would be to lock down a venue(s) so you definitely have somewhere to have your wedding. Then I would begin looking for your dress if you haven't already. From there it depends on the vendors in your area. The caterers where I am say it's good to book a year in advance aka now. Just knock the big ones off of your list (catering, photography, etc) as you are able to! It will all come together :)
  • Congrats!  I had also wanted to do 1/11/11 but I didn't think I'd be able to pull off a Tuesday night wedding.  Where are you having it?  Have you picked out your colors yet?  Good luck!
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  • i'm getting married on january 8th and i've got jitters too, so no worries, you're not alone. have you already booked wherever it is that you'll be getting married? if its in a church, you may want to look into it soon. i know the church where we're getting married has restrictions on days and times that weddings are allowed- i.e. they only allow weddings on saturdays from 10-3. 
  • I just got engaged and my fiance and I have set January 15, 2011 as our date.  The hardest part for us is that my parents will only pay for the wedding if we have it where I grew up (and where my parents still live).  Unfortunately for us, that means 6 hours away from where we live!

    Luckily, my matron of honor (my sister) lives there, so she's going to be doing a lot of the legwork with my mom.  I'll be going there once a month, but it's definitely nerve-wracking planning a wedding in a location where I don't live!
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