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January 2011 Weddings


4 of my rehearsal dinner invites were returned for insufficient postage.  Why were only 4 returned if that's the case?  I am about to lose it b/c who has time for this- especially after I paid to design them myself and ship them out???  UGH! 
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Re: postage?

  • I had this happen to me also with wedding invites. All of the invites i sent in state sent, anything out of state cost me .81 per envelope. I was less than happy, idky the post office does that either!
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  • thank you for the feedback!  all the ones that were returned were out of state but many others that were delivered were also sent to friends/relatives out of state.  i am dreading going to the mailbox tomorrow! 
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  • Oh no. I am sorry to hear this. I hope that it works out and they only return the four.

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  • thanks.  so far, so good.  none came back today, however i did hear that others did not receive them yet (mailed over a week ago)... not to mention that i just found out people never even received the wedding invite!  we go to painstaking lengths to create our invites and correctly address and stamp them and the USPS takes this long to deliver-- or loses them altogether?  COME ON! 
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