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Money/Honeymoon Dance Good Idea or really Tacky??!!

Money/Honeymoon Dance Good Idea or really Tacky? We are debating on doing this.
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Re: Money/Honeymoon Dance Good Idea or really Tacky??!!

  • I'm not sure what you mean- do you mean like the bridal/money dance? We are doing this because FI is from Pittsburgh and it's a tradition. We are using his grandmother's "money" bag from her wedding. I don't think it's tacky unless you make a big deal out of people paying you a ton of money...obviously people can participate if they didn't bring cash to put in the bag. Just don't make it all about the money, and I really don't think people will care!
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    We are likely doing it because it one of the best memories I have from weddings, especially when my mom and step-dad got married.  I remember 2 things most clearly from their wedding (I was about 8 yo)--when they gave us bracelets during the ceremony (I still have mine!) and the money dance because everyone had so much fun and most people went back for more dances to talk with the bride/groom.  The weddings I have been to, they don't use a money bag though.  They clothespin the money to the bride and groom.  I think they are a tradition in the midwest (basically repeating pp) so most WI people do them.  Our DJ's "worksheet" about the music for certain dances has the money dance on there so it seems pretty common around here.  Idk how it is in California though.
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  • We aren't doing them, I never heard of them till i got on this board, to me it doesnt seem like a good idea, but down here we just dont do that so i think people would be confused. I think if you are used to going to weddings and seeing it, it is ok.
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  • I don't think we are doing one, but it's also common as in latin/south american cultures.So it might happen. I think it really depends, but it's your wedding so do what you want. 
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  • I find anything where you ask your guests to pay for things at your wedding to be tacky, uncomfortable and rude whether it be a dollar dance or a cash bar.  Ick.
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    In Response to Re: Money/Honeymoon Dance Good Idea or really Tacky??!!:
    but down here we just dont do that so i think people would be confused.Posted by Kristin&eric
    That's not completely true.... I have been to weddings all around FL (I grew up here) and have seen them done many times. It just depends on preference really. Some people on the Knot are completely against them and some say it's tradition. They are usually called a "dollar dance" instead of a honeymoon dance.
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  • Again, I think this is regional/traditional and is something you need to think about for you and your FI.  It's all about your opinion on it, but I think if you've never been to a wedding that has had on in your area, don't do it.

    I think Schwoebr has a good point to not make it all about the money and then it's not tacky.  In my experience the dollar dance is the only chance some guests get to "slow dance" with the bride and groom and have a conversation.  A lot of people love this part of the wedding because they get some private conversation with the bride or groom. 

    If you are uncomfortable or think it's tacky (this is obviously a huge debate on TK and if you put it on any other board you probably would have been flamed for it) you could always do a "wish" dance and the guests write you a good luck wish and put it in the bag before dancing with you.
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  • Debbie, I love the good luck wish!! That sounds very sweet!
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  • Hi, I am new to the board and my wedding is 1.15.11. We are not doing it and this is the first time I have ever heard of it. Money is a common gift in NY so I am not sure of the dance, but it sounds fun...
    Anyone having a winter wedding? I am looking for ideas on flowers. I am doing dark purple/plum. I really want the girls to carry Lavender Cals but they are soo expensive so I can only do two with another flower.
    I am not sure what to flower mixes well...It is a Saturday night and pretty formal. Anyone have suggestions??
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