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Rehearsal Dinner Dress

OK random question for those of you having a rehearsal dinner are you guys wearing a little white dress, a dress in your wedding colors, or just a nice dress? I've been looking at several little white dresses which are super cute, and I love the concept but I also think wearing something nice would be just as well. Oh also...what do you guys think about braving the weather and going with a dress that's not short?  I'm not sure how fancy the rehearsal dinner is going to be and I feel a short dress can still be dress casual. My FML is planning the rehearsal dinner so I'm not sure what's going on with it yet....I'll stop rambling. 
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Re: Rehearsal Dinner Dress

  • At the rehearsal dinner I'm planning to wear a dress or skirt of some kind... Although, yes it will be freezing here in MN, so maybe I'll just wear some nice pants and a cute shirt or something. Or else a dress with a sweater over it? I'll cross that bridge when it's closer. But I am planning on wearing a dress probably.
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  • I'm just wearing a cute dress I've been looking at Victoria Secret's sweater dresses short but still warm!  Everything I've read just says to wear what you feel comfortable/beautiful in!
  • I will likely be doing a knee length dress.  I found one I really like, but I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet.  I really liked this for BM dresses, but they are too short for a winter wedding  in WI.  I might go with white though.  I haven't quite decided yet. I'd go with a short dress OR dress pants/trousers (you know the dark "fancy" jeans) and a nice sweater or something if you don't want to be too cold.

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  • ^ That's the exact dress I bought for the rehearsal dinner! I found a purse that matches it perfectly too. And some cute high heels to go with it!
  • i think i am going to wear a white dress. my mom took me to DB and we look at heir short wedding dress' she says she wants me to wear something bridaly!!
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  • Nordstrom's (online) has some really cute rehearsal dinner dresses
  • Debbie I love that dress! I was looking at getting it as well!
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  • In Response to Re: Rehearsal Dinner Dress:
    Debbie I love that dress! I was looking at getting it as well!
    Posted by aperitisa
    It's in my wedding colors, so that's why I'm kind of leaning towards it.  I think I might have to try it on before I make a decision because I don't want to be tugging on it all night, lol!   I might put a cardigan over it if I choose to go with it though.  We will see!
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