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January 2011 Weddings

Feeling jittery

I'm trying to decide if leaving my job the month before the wedding was the greatest idea. Yes, it gives me lots of time to get things done in preparation for the big day, but it also gives me lots of down time to think about things. LIke my nerves. :P I don't like big crowds or being the center of attention, and that's definitely going to be a large part of the wedding day. I'm also worried about my mother and what drama she'll create that week. She totally stresses me out. So yeah, I'm jittery, and have too much time to think about the things that make me jittery.

Re: Feeling jittery

  • i also hate being the center of attention! i fell ya!
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  • Me too! Extremely shy around crowds!
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  • Yes I have all those feelings also. Plus my mom is not only the MOM but she is my MOH and she has been totally stressing me out. She has taking so much on I'm not sure she can get it all done. I ask her if she needs help with anything either from me or someone and she will not take it. IDK 2 days left and alot to do..
  • Wow two days!! I could not imagine! I am so thrilled for you Jan 1 brides!!! I cannot wait to see pictures..
    I know the feeling about not getting things done, I feel like I cannot get anything done right now..
    Not a good time to get the lazy gene.


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  • I am the exact same way-I don't like to open up Christmas or birthday gifts in front of very many people!!  I would not take off a month unless you have something major (like moving or going out of town.)  I would not take more than 10 days off or it may be very difficult for you.
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