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February 2011 Weddings

Save the Dates

Oh my goodness!! So, we mailed out our save the dates on Friday and people got them the next day already!!  This makes it truly official now!! No turning back and no changing the date! :-)  I know it's a little early, but we're sending out invitations in November so we figured we'd get the save the dates out now.  Plus they're magnets so people can just put them on the fridge!  Hope everyone's planning is coming along!! 

236 more days to go!!!
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Re: Save the Dates

  • Awsome! Thats exciting. I am going to be ordering mine soon too. I haven't seen anyone on this board in weeks! Nice to know someone is back. Lol. I want to get magnets too but I'm worried bc they don't have a spot for the website. The ones that do are expensive.
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  • What we did was order the magnet holders, which were plain white cards, and we printed information on the holder.  The magnet goes over the information, but the magnet wont stick to the fridge with the card on the back, which will force people to take it off of the card so they can read the information underneath.  Just a little idea, that might help you out!! :) 

    It is nice to see someone else on the board!  I guess when we're still 8ish months out, there isn't much activity! :)
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  • Has everyone sent out their Save the Dates already? My planner told me not to send them out until late September or early October but I kind of want to send them at least in August. We are getting married on February 12, which is right before Valentine's day so I want to make sure people know about it and don't make plans. Has anyone else not sent ou their Save the Dates yet?
  • I ordered my save the dates (they should get to me by July 6) and I plan on sending them out right away. I know it's technically early, but it seems that February is a weird month for invitation timelines. If we were to go with the "rule" for invites and save the dates, people would be getting their invites along with their Christmas cards and they may get lost in the shuffle! I think that's why a lot of people are opting to send stuff out earlier rather than later. Our date is February 4 so we are sending out Save the Dates before the end of July and invites will go out sometime in the first 2 weeks of November.
  • We are planning to send out our save the dates around the end of August for our February 26, 2010 wedding!  Getting so excited - doing engagement photos next weekend!! 

  • Yay engagement photos!! :)  We did ours in April, but we did not choose to go with that photographer, so we are getting a second session with our new photographer as part of our package!  It's so much fun!! :)  
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  • Well I feel very behind now!  LOL!  I haven't even gotten engagement pics yet!  Guess I better get a move on!  Laughing
  • You are not behind!! I am a school psychologist and during the school year I am so preoccupied with my job and stressed, especially around February vacation, so I just wanted to get everything done early.  Now that I'm on summer vacation right now and I only work 2-3 days per week, I am doing a lot of wedding stuff, well ahead of the timeline set by the knot! :)  There are obviously things we can't do early, so the things that could be done ahead of time I'm doing now so that I'm not even more stressed when the small things start needing to be done!   Don't worry...everything will get done and I am doing things way earlier than most people would! :) 
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  • I ordered mine this week too! I plan on sending them out in August, because like some others, I am a teacher and I want them to be out by the time school is back in. I dont think its too early to send them out now though. I say do what you want to and it will be fine! Happy planning everyone!
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  • We mailed ours last week.  We're getting married the day before President's Day, which is a holiday for some but not everyone.  My fiance said it was too soon to send them out, but I didn't care.  :)
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  • Hehe, I'm right with you!  We're getting married two days before President's Day (2/19) and we already mailed ours out too!  Its never too early! :)
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  • Hi, we are getting married Feb 20th in MIAMI and its pretty much all OOT guests. We took Engagement pics in may and got the STDs and sent them early June. We had to send them early since its a long weekend and wanted people to start planning, booking tickets and hotel rooms.
    Soo excited.

  • I ordered save the date magnets via Visaprint (tons of discount coupons online).  They were very affordable.  I have yet to receive but plan to send them out by the end of July.
  • We are sending out our save the dates by the end of July as well!!  We were not going to do them but then we found really cute DIY one's in Marshall's - 10 in a box for $1.00 a box!  I am glad to see I am not behind in sending them out like i thought I was!!!

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    My wedding date is 2/25/2011. I plan to mail out my save the date magnets this weekend.  Seeing them makes it real--wow.  I am getting married...lol
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