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February 2011 Weddings


Hi! im Nikki and my FI is Mike. we are planning for a feb 9th wedding. 

Re: Hello!

  • Hi!! I can't believe you're the only 1 in this board. My FI and I just booked our hall yesterday, we're getting married 2/19/11 in NJ @ the Venetian.  Congrats on your engagement!!
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  • Hello!  I got engaged on 9/5 and am planning a February 26th wedding.  I'm surprised there isn't anyone on this board, I hear people on other boards saying they are 2011 brides.  Oh well, I guess we'll be the ones to get it started!Although I know I have a long time I feel like I'm slacking on planning.  Just for a reference point, how much do you all have done?
    Married February 26th, 2011 TTC #1 since May 2011
  • Hi! Feb 2011 bride here as well...Feb 26th interestingly enough :-)  We haven't planned much of anything, trying to pace ourselves.  We hope to have a destination wedding to somewhere in the carribean.
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  • Hi girls! Let me say I am happy there are a few of you now! There have been a few other brides that have posted on here, but they must have changed their wedding dates b/c their posts would get deleted. My FI and I got engaged in June of last year. So, we have some of our planning done already. We are getting married on our 6 year anniversary, 2/19/2011. How is wedding planning going for all of you so far?
  • wow. finally some brides! hello all! CONGRATS to you all! well lets see, i dont know where our wedding will be just yet, just bouncing around some ideas. but the one thing i do have have is my dress. i know its so early to have one picked out, but i tried it on for fun with my mom, and it was perfect. i didnt want to take it off. plus i got it half off! my FI and i want an Alice in Wonderland theme wedding. so the colors will be: fushia, orange, green, blue, and purple. [URL=http://s195.photobucket.com/albums/z81/sexynikkie247/Mobile Uploads/?action=view&current=downsized_0826091802.jpg][IMG]http://i195.photobucket.com/albums/z81/sexynikkie247/Mobile%20Uploads/th_downsized_0826091802.jpg[/IMG][/URL]
  • That's very exciting that you already got your dress?  That is one of the aspects I am very excited for.  What does it look like?
    Married February 26th, 2011 TTC #1 since May 2011
  • it is by La Sposa called Farbala. its a strapless A-line dress.the fabric is gathered at the top. its got this cute little bow under the breast. the bottom has lots of ruffles, but its got a very feminine touch to it. oh yeah its also got tons of those tiny little buttons down the back. i would post a picture but im not sure how to do it.
  • elise987 - my wedding is 2/26/11 also..
  • I just googled a picture of your dress, it is beautiful!  There is something very light and airy about the bottom.  I think I'm intersted in an A line dress as well.  I haven't tried any on though so we'll see!
    Married February 26th, 2011 TTC #1 since May 2011
  • Lilmiss...Where is your wedding?
    Married February 26th, 2011 TTC #1 since May 2011
  • New Orleans, LA - Southern Oaks Plantation
  • Hey guys - My name is Katie my FI is Wally. We are planning a Feb 5th wedding. We just signed the contract for the reception hall. Planning an outdoor wedding at a waterfall in CT. very excited!!!
  • Hi everyone my name is Jessica and my f/h is Mondre and we are to be wed on February 8, 2011. Just to let you know i am completely new to this ... never even been to a wedding so i am lost, but extremely excited!!!!!!!!!! Congrats to all of my fellow Feb 11' brides.  
  • hello Jessica! welcome and congrats!!!!
    your date is one day before mine!!
  • Welcome all...  My name is Marie and my FI is Graig, we just got engaged on christmas day, but have been together for 4 1/2 years... we plan on Feb 19 right now, i may change around depending on what we like and is available.  But it will def be in Feb.  The only thing we have done so far is plan our wedding party.... I will be having two maids of honor and 3 bridesmaids, Graig will have one best man and 4 grooms men.  That's all we know as of right now... we'll start looking maybe after the new year for a place.  Good luck ladies!
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  • Hello, girls. My name is Melina and my FI is Ramsses. We are from Mexico. We're planning the wedding for 02/19/2011, the same date some of you have... that's very exciting =).
    We booked our hall 3 weeks ago, it's a beautiful place.. later i will show you pictures.
    We have a long way to go.. (sorry if my english is not perfect, I do my best =S )

  • Welcome Marie and Melina! Congrats on your engagements!!! and melina your english is wonderful! 

    good luck planning and can not wait to hear all the details!!
  • Hello everyone! My name is Sarah and my fiance is Phill.  We got engaged on August 29 and are getting married on February 19, 2011.  I hear of so many people connecting on the knot, but obviously our month is not such a hot topic month!!  Winter weddings are beautiful and so much cheaper!!! =)  Good luck everyone with your planning!!!
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