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February 2011 Weddings

When to send invites??

Our wedding the the weekend after Valentines day..I know people get crazy around the holidays, and I dont want our guests to lose or forget to send back the RSVP.. Should I havethe RSVP due date before the holidays?? Or would that be too soon? When are you gals sending your invites??
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Re: When to send invites??

  • Thats what I was thinking too. But then I thought is a month too long and will people be so busy with the holidays that they will forget to mail them back?? I posted this on the etiquette board as well and people suggested sending the invites out on Jan 2 and have them back for the 20th or 30th. Still not sure though.
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  • Hmm.... I was also thinking about sending them in either November or January. I would want the RSVP date to be at least 3-4 weeks out, but I also want to give ample time for people to receive their invites and respond. I mean, think about it, if you send your invite on say, Jan 3, and they receive it in say, 4 or 5 days. They may not even get to read the invite until the 8th or 9th. If you give them until, say, the 20th to respond, thats only 10 days. Is that enough time? But then again, if you send them out in November they are likely to forget about the RSVPing when it gets crazy with the holidays. 

    I don't know, either.
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  • jescherri08jescherri08 member
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    Are you sending STD's? I'm probably going to send mine within the next month or so. Most of his family is from PA. I'm thinking maybe since we are sending STD's that people will start to look for the invites around between nov-jan and hopefully will be ready to just send them on back.

    Decisions decisions.. 
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  • Send a Save the Date by early November.

    Then wait until the usual 6 weeks before the wedding to mail invitations the last of Dec/ Jan 2-3.

    Past Christmas mail crunch, and people are much more likely to respond withing 2 weeks.

    Mail them too early, and you will be lucky to have 40% ever RSVP.  Once people put them aside, more concerned about immediate things, it is hopeless.

    If they receive them the beginning of January, 4-10, the RSVP date will be within a 3 weeks, and they will be much more likely to RSVP.

    Doing it early usually does not help, it makes it worse, over the holidays.

    This is the best use of a Save the Date before the actual invitation.
  • Thats our problem too! Our venue needs an exact number 8 weeks in advance. So I am at a loss!!
  • What if we were to send out invites around the last week of November, and have our RSVP date about Dec 15th? While I know this is earlier than needed for RSVP date, it gives the task some urgency because they need to get them back to us within a few weeks, Thoughts?

    And WhataWag, if we were to give an RSVP date the normal 6 weeks out, for many of us in February that means we would have to have our RSVP date the first week of Jan, which means we would have to send the invite during Christmas, thus the problem. So the question becomes, do you want to end up in the time crunch zone trying to track people down who didn't reply and still try and get an accurate count in time, or do you want to get less initial RSVP's but have plenty of time to contact those you have invited but who haven't responded?

    We have to have our final number 4 weeks out, so we are thinking of opting for the send them early route, especially since we have a B-list of friends we would like to invite if our A-list people can't make it. We'd like to have plenty of time to call and email people, get answers, and decide if we can invite any more people and still get our count by 4 weeks out.

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  • We have a B list as well that we would like to have time to invite if the others can't attend. Which is why I was leaning towards maybe sending them earlier. Especially since half our guests live in another state and I have to worry about hotel arrangements and making sure everyone books their room. Which is why we are sending out save the dates sooner. So people can book their flights, rooms, ect. 
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  • Me too, jescherri. Probably 70% of our guests are OOT, so we are sending our STD's in late June/early July. Also... my guests in particular are going to need to book hotels far in advance, because I made a really dumb mistake of booking my venue during the gem show, which is a HUGE deal here in Tucson. I feel horrible because they will probably have to pay higher rates for their rooms, so I want to make sure they can at least get a room near the wedding. I might even send out accommodation cards with my STD's instead of my invites.
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  • These are awesome questions and answers.  I do really think sending them around Christmas and New Years may be a little too risky.  Plus the hotel needs reservations by 1/11.  We just addressed the envelopes for our save the dates today!  They are magnets and have the hotel info on them so hopefully this will help too.  We are going to mail out the invites around Thanksgiving. I know it is early, but our deadlines with the hotel and venue are way too close to christmas and new years.  If anyone has any other suggestions that would be great!
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  • I just received my friend's STD's. She's getting married in December and she did the magnets and included a little insert about hotel accommodations, it was cute. I'm not much of a last minute person, I like to know everything as far in advance as i can so I get make sure everyone is accounted for and I have enough of everything. Also, I'll be mixed up in the holiday stuff as well as finishing a semester of school so i'll be all over the place too. I think getting the RSVP's back as soon as I can would work best. I'm probably going to send them out around mid November.
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  • I am sending save the dates in the next couple of weeks too because 99% of my guest are OOT. Since I am getting married on Valentines Day, if I sent my invites out after Christmas people would have about a week to respond. That is too much stress for me and them to find accommodations. I would much rather send them out early and get responses early so I don't have to deal with tracking people down and final head counts while I am dealing with the holidays. I guess it just depends on when in February your wedding falls and how much stress you want to put yourself under at the last minute. My wedding is on a Monday so that makes it a little easier to get hotel rooms but I think there is some event happening that week in Cocoa Beach. So I will send accomodation info with my save the dates too. Great idea.
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  • I am sending my Save the Dates in the next two weeks...then I will start giving out my invitations in early November (three months before the Wedding). RSVPs should be back by mid/late December.  I know that the holidays will be in the way, but people who will really want to be part of this special event will/should not procrastinate. Just for all that wrote and are afraid that the holidays will interfere just send everything early... and everything will be OK. Relax.  (two months if enough time to have all RSVPs)
  • I plan to send mine out end of October (have some out of state guests)
  • I'm planning on sending them out Mid-November.  The last thing I want is to have to make a million phone calls because people put the wedding invite in the pile of holiday cards they receive and don't open until they get around to it...
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