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February 2011 Weddings

Some more checks on my list!!

In the last few weeks I've accomplished a few more things!

*wedding cake picked out (I need to get some branches and ribbon for it and I'm so excited about it -- 3 tier round, brown frosting, aqua ribbon around the bottom, on top of a fountain!!)
*wedding topper picked and bought (off Etsy, its on its way!)
*My sisters' dresses came in. My 19 y/o sister's dress fits perfectly. My 10 y/o sister does NOT FIT AT ALL! And its the biggest size they carry in that dress. She's a JRBM and I havent told the other JRBM which dress it is, but I love this dress .I'm going to see if my alterator can add in a panel or something so that it fits. If not, I need to remember that its JUST A DRESS, and that its nothing to freak out mightily about.
*My earrings came in. My mom bought me gorgeous earrings off Etsy and they came in this past week.
*We confirmed engagement photos for this coming Sunday (the 22nd) at 6 pm. (So excited for these. Between each of us being sick, we only have ONE picture of the two of us. I can't wait to get more.)
*I ordered my flowers (wedideas.com) and they should be coming in at the end of October.
*Spoke with the priest who will be doing our wedding. We're meeting with him August 29th. (We have to go through the precana marriage stuff --- has anyone gone through these, and lemme know what to expect? Thanks!)

I'm down to 185 days and I'm getting stresssssssy --- Though I know its early to be stressed.

Re: Some more checks on my list!!

  • Sounds like you are really moving along!  I have started with the pre-cana stuff, just got the results from our FOCCUS test, and we are registered for the classes in October.  I heard they are long and boring, but are better to get threw if you participate!!

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    <a style=font-size:9pt;color:#444444 target=_blank href=http://www.pregnology.com>Make a pregnancy ticker</a></div>
  • Congrats on getting so much done.I just found this board and now I'm a little worried. I thought I was on track but now I realize I’m actually behind. I still have so much to do. Unfortunately I’m out of the country and can only do stuff online. Well now I better get a move on and do some more research.   
  • I'm way behind! Trying to get things scheduled, but it's hard since I'm having a desintation wedding in Colorado or Boston! We are going to see the reception places in December. My checklist is:
    Almost picked dress-deciding between 2!!
    Have invitation list
    Almost done picking favors.
    And, I'm keeping so many notes which will help me not forget something!!
    Oh, we have an appt. the 28th of August to meet with a priest. I'm Catholic, hes not, have to all the preperations! I just hope it is all completed soon. I'm thinking of hiring a wedding planner if it's in the budget.
  • congrats on all your checks! I love checking off my list!
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