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February 2011 Weddings

... The waiting :(

I am so ready to be married!!! I wish i had a shorter engagment lol a year is too long! Shane is about to move into our appartment... i will move in feb after we are married... place is booked cakes is booked, dress is in,  dj, colors, Bm dresses, Tuxes, can do flowers in a day (family), food is set, invites printed, honeymoon booked... I know there is more to do... but not much!! This waiting is killing me I am ready to marry my FI im ready to start our life together and this hole waiting proccess is killing me lol!!!
He sent the sweetest text this morning and i think this is why i woke up just ready to get married today without everything being finalized!!

Every morning when i leave the house the first thing i think about is something doesnt feel right, and its because im not with you. Im always missing something. I love you and cant wait to see you again.
Ugh i want to be married already lol

Re: ... The waiting :(

  • I cant wait to be married either but we live together so I do get to see my fiancee every single day at some point even with our busy schedules! But we have basically everything done except for church programs and limo! So I am ready to get everything out of my house and get married!

  • My engagment will only be a little over 6 months when the wedding rolls around and I'm excited to get married but right now, four months seems like just enough time to wait for me! I'm a substitute teacher right now and every time I go into a class and write my name on the board I think that I'll only write that name until February. I've been with my fiance for 7 and a half years and after so many years of wanting to me married, I'm trying to "enjoy" my last few months as a "single lady".

    But I'm still really excited to get married!
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  • I know the feeling. We also dont live together and waking up alone is just not cutting it for me anymore... Frown But the 4 months will be over before we know it! As soon as the holidays begin, Feb wil be here in no time at all!
  • we also live together and marriage is a formality of our already surreal relaionship...

    I cant wait to say, ...This is my husband Andy...instead of fiance.....Husband just has a perfect ring to it.....

  • rofl. My engagement has been VERY long. My fiance proposed three years ago. And it's been a "waiting game" ever since. But it was sort of like a promise ring I guess. Because he reproposed in September =) Anyway, two months and three weeks of waiting left :)
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