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February 2011 Weddings


Ok so my FI  wants to add another groomsmen... that makes seven... so i have to find another girl... I have all my close friends i talk too... the dress is one fifty.. i made a few like really new friends or i have old friends who i have not talked to in three years... what and how and who would you pick... old or new? By new i mean like 3 months maybe!



  • Are you that set on having an even number? can't he have 7 and you have 6?
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  • if the old friends were people you've known a long time and used to be very close to and just  grew apart, do the old. if the old friends were just people you sometimes hung out with, then go with the new!
  • I agree with both pps. If you don't care about even numbers, I'd just stick with what you have. I'm debating on only going with two instead of three right now even though my fiance has three groomsmen.
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  • i would just have two groomsmen walk with one bridesmaid and call it good. you dont NEED to have equal numbers. But if you are really set on the idea i might go with the new friends. at least you talk to them on a regular basis. i would feel a little bit weirded out if a friend that i hadnt talked to in three years called me and asked me to be a bridesmaid and drop 150 on a dress...but thats just me!
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  • Agree with PP. You don't need another bridesmaid unless you're set on it. I have two attendants, FI has one.

    If you're going to choose another, don't go by old or new. How did you choose your bridesmaids previously and try to stay along those lines.
  • Something these forums have taught me is that you dont need even numbers. My FI also just had one and then asked another close friend. I didnt want to ask someone that I am not close with, just for the sake of numbers. So I'm sticking to my one and he can have 2. No prob.

  • I was in a wedding with uneven numbers, there was 10 girls and 11 guys.  We all walked down the aisle with the groomsmen, and the girl who had 2 groomsmen went in the middle, it looked pretty good actually! You can definitely make uneven work.  We have 7 girls and 8 guys (my DF has an 8 year old brother who didnt want to be a ring bearer). I think asking a girl in under 3 months is a lot to ask of that person IMO.

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  • We are having an odd number: 8 groomsmen and 7 bridesmaids.  To me it doesn't matter.  It depends on if having the same number is important to you.  Now, to me a bridesmaid is a friend who I know will be willing to help me out if I need them to and a friend I can rely on for anything, whether it be licking envelopes or a 2am frantic phone call because I had a wedding nightmare.  The girls I chose (aside from FIs sister) are all of my closest friends on whom I can rely and trust.  They will all give me honest opinions and tell me I'm being crazy and bring be down to reality.  So, it does not matter how long you have known the person, it matters on your relationship with them.  Good luck with this though! I know it must be stressful!!
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  • We are having 6 bridesmaids and 4 groomsmen.  My fi wanted more of a small wedding party(no more than 10 total and even that is a lot to him) while I had six close friends/family members I did not want to leave out.
    Don't feel a need to add a bridesmaid just to make it even.  As many others have already said it does not have to be even. 
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  • Thank you ladies for all of the advice i appreciate it!!!! :)
  • we are having an odd number as well! Its totally fine to be odd but at first i didnt want odd either :)
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