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February 2011 Weddings

When to send invites?


When is everyone planning to send out invitations?  I've read information indicating between 2 and 3 months so I am not sure when to send.  Our date is Feb. 20th so if we send 2 months before it's right around Christmas.  If we do it 3 months out, it's in November which seems so soon.  Thoughts?


Re: When to send invites?

  • I'm also a Feb.20 bride! I am planning on sending my invites out 8 weeks in advance, which makes it a few days after Christmas. We already sent out save-the-dates back in April, so it didn't make sense for us to send them out any earlier than that.

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  • Hey, I'm Feb. 20th too!

    We're sending ours out Mid-Nov. Almost all of FI's family has to book flights and hotels so we want to give them enough time. Plus, maybe people will hit up holiday sales if they want to get us a gift :oP
  • I'm Feb 19th, we're sending ours out mid-Nov as well.
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  • I am February 26th and we are sending them out between Thanksgiving and December 1st.  Things get held up in the mail and are not as well watched (at least in NJ) around Christmas time, so we wanted to get them out before the christmas rush.  We also had to have our head count in 1 month in advance and wanted enough time for people to get them back!

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  • I've been wondering the same thing too! I'm Feb 26th, and I was thinking the first of Jan would be fine for my family, but all of his family is flying in, so I like the idea of sending them before the Christmas rush.
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  • I actually already sent mine out, and I'm a Feb. 27th bride. I did this because I have an A and B list (B list will go out in a few weeks), and it's a small wedding....so everyone was well aware of the date, and I'm not afraid they'll forget :)
  • I'm Feb 19 and I'm sending mine out shortly after Christmas. I did save the dates in September, so everyone should know about it, so I didn't see a reason to send them out early. Also, didn't want to get lost in the Christmas hustle and bustle.
  • I'm a February 27 as well and I sent mine out a few days ago. We didn't do save the dates and wanted to avoid the holidays.
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  • I honestly have NO clue! 

    Since we were originally a destination wedding for Nov. 26th of this year, we sent out STDs back in the spring. However, since then we've changed the date and decided to scale everything way back! All we know at this point is that it will be either February 17th or 19th. Thankfully since we're having a small ceremony and it's family and close friends, we're letting them know the dates and sending out invites around Christmas Eve. 
  • i'm Feb 20th as well.  We are sending them out after New Year's.  I already sent out Save the Dates so people know when the wedding is.  I don't want to do it to early because  am worried that people will RSVP and then not be able to make it.  I would rather wait and do it all in January.

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  • I'm Feb. 19th and we are sending ours out the week after Thanksgiving.  We have a lot of OoT guests and we want to make sure they can book travel.  Also, FIs from the UK and all of his extended family is over there.  We sent STDs in April, but want to give them enough time to book flights (if they plan on coming) if they haven't already.  I think any time for Feb 2011 is between November and right after New Years depending on the make up of your guests. 
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  • Another February 20th checking in. I'm planning on getting them in the mail between December 26th and January 1st. I too sent out save the dates in July with our wedding website address on them and all the information any guest should need was on there. Our headcount only needs to be in the week before the wedding, so I think that we'll be fine. Glad to see some other people are waiting until after Christmas!
  • I'm with you KX...I'm also 2/19 and am waiting until after Christmas to send them out.  Probably will send them out on 12/31.  We sent out save the dates in June, so people already know about it and have made their travel arrangements if necessary.
  • Mine is the 19th too! :) I'm sending mine out next week. super excited! 
  • I am Feb 26 bride too, and we are sending them out the end of november,  beginning of December due to the holiday rush of mail.
  • ugh, i still need to finish mine! lol ill probably send them out next week sometime :) our date is 2/12
  • Im a 2/20 also :-) Sending them the end of November
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  • We're getting married on February 27th. Did you send save the dates? If so, I don't think it's necessary to follow the knot checklist on this one. I think they tell us to do it a tad early. We are waiting until after Christmas to send ours because we don't want them to get lost with all the holiday stuff (as a pp stated). If you mail them out on January 3rd that still gives your guests 7 weeks notice. If you need an earlier RSVP deadline, then I would send them earlier of course. My advice would be to review your contracts and figure out when you have to give all your vendors the final number.
    Good Luck!
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  • I'm a Feb 19th bride too! I'm doing after Christmas!
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