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February 2011 Weddings

When to ask for RSVP?

The date is February 4. I have NO idea when to ask people to RSVP by! Here are the things I am considering:
1. The venue wants an initial head count 30 days out, which would be January 4.
2. I want to get as many RSVPs back before January 4 as possible
3. I DON'T want my invitations to get lost in the Christmas card shuffle, so I want to send them out early.
4. I don't want people to get the invitations so early that the wedding slips their mind (I know this is unlikely but it is a fear none-the-less).
I thought of a December 30 RSVP but that is right in the middle of the holiday season. A relative suggested December 4, but 2 months seems awefully early to me. Any suggestions?

Re: When to ask for RSVP?

  • I think my FI and I are planning on asking for the RSVP by like mid december. We will be sending our save the dates hopefully within the next few weeks. Our date is 2/19, and we get crazy with the holidays, so Christmas time is going to be insane this year! It is early, but i'm trying to make things go as smooth as possible!
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  • I just got an invitation for an October wedding today asking for an RSVP by July 31, so I guess early is OK!
  • Hey, I've got a date twin!! :)  My wedding is 2/19 too!  We just sent out our save the dates this past Friday.  We will be asking for RSVP by mid December as well.  The hotel requires reservations for the blocked rate by January 11, so we figured we'd have the RSVP about a month before that deadline to give people time to make travel arrangements.  Most of our guests are out of state, so I want to make it as easy for them as possible!  How is everyone doing with planning??? 

    236 days to go! :)
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  • My date is Valentines Day so I am planning on setting the RSVP date mid December so it doesn't get into Christmas mess. I am sending invites out in November as well. I have seen some scary stuff on here about no responses. This gives me time to hunt ppl down!
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  • Usually invitations don't even get sent out until 6-8 weeks before the wedding.

    Most venues' initial head count is just a minimum. At ours, we had to give the initial (minimum) count about a month before. We just estimated that at least half of the invited guests would come. Then, we could add guests up to one week in advance, we just couldn't pay for less than the initial count. We made the RSVP date 2 weeks in advance, so we could have a "buffer" week before the final count was due.
  • As everyone else is saying its just safer to not get lost in the mix of Christmas mail.  I think either before or after Christmas will be the best way to go.  I am afraid that if sent to far before christmas people will forget to send back responses because the wedding is so far away. What does anyone think about after christmas for a February 26th wedding? LIke a mid January response date?  THis way there is a short turn around time like 2-3 weeks.


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  • I think for a Feb 26 wedding mid-January would be good! My future sister-in-law is getting married on September 4 and requested responses by August 15, so I think 2-3 weeks is a good window of time.

    I decided to ask for RSVPs by Dec 4, which is 2 full months before the date, but that gives me time to get as many RSVPs as early as possible, and if I don't hear anything from people I really want to be there, I have time to call or email to see if they are attending or not. Thanks for the input everybody!

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