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February 2011 Weddings

lets start a discussion!

Thought I would get a discussion going with the very small, quiet Feb brides. :)  what does everyone plan to do when leaving the ceremony... bubbles, rice, sparklers?  Are people taking outside pics in the snow?  centerpieces?
Anybody doing something really unique?!

for my snowflake theme I am trying to plan how I can do something with my seating chart.   I am thinking about hanging snowflakes with peoples names on them.  I am just trying to figure out how to do this so people arent standing there trying to find their names for a long time.  Maybe do them alphabetically or have them so they lie flat and names are easy to read

Re: lets start a discussion!

  • Hi!  This is my first post in the February Board. 

    I have not even thought about what to do when leaving the ceremony.  My church does not allow anything but bubbles, so I might just wait to do something like that after the reception.  I think my reception venue lets me do anything I want.  If so, I think I want to do those wedding poppers, kindof like the ones you have on New Year's.

    Um...I'm in Houston, so I really doubt I will take pictures in the snow.  Unless something crazy happens.  We did get a little this year.  My centerpiece pics are in my bio.  I really love them!!!

  • Hello,all
    I am having bubbles. I got the wedding cake ones. I am not sure about seating yet. I think I will just let them sit where they want. I am having my wedding in the same room as my receptition so the tables are going to be covered in rose peddles. My colors are light blue,chocolate, and ivory. Then I am playing "if this world was mine" and my hostess or going to walk out with a marroccon candle lantern in their hand and sit it in the middle of each table. I think that is different. Also I was thinking about risk crosages for my bridemaiids what do you think? is that to out there
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  • Hello! 
    I would love to do rice at my wedding, but like most churches mine will not allow it :(  Can't decide if I will do bubbles or just skip the "throwing something" all together.

    Haven't decided on centerpieces, need to decide bigger things like the reception venue first!  I'm thinking of doing very simple floral centerpieces, something my bridesmaids and I could do ourselves.  Is that crazy?

    I'm in Florida, so certainly no snow pics!  We haven't gotten any in Gainesville for probably 20 years, so that would have to be a real freak cold front. 

    I love the idea of hanging the snowflakes on bare branches.  That would be really beautiful.  However, that goes back to the problem of it taking people forever to find them.  Because you would probably need a few trees depending on the size of your guest list maybe you could split them up alphabetically? 

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  • Elise987 you are not cray. I am a do it yourseld bride myself. That is why I picked the laterns. Something simple easy, and beautiful. Just through a few rose peddles on the  tables and put the candle lantern in the middle. I need help thinking about place cards myself. Is it wrong to just let peoplesit where they want?
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  • I am hoping to have people light sparklers as we come outside from the church.  I seen it in a picture and I love it...but I am not too sure how it will work since it will be early afternoon when we get married.

    I just picked up my flower girl basket yesterday and some silver snowflake petals for her to throw down (the church doesn't allow real petals).  they are sooo cute.  Im getting excited even though it is 11 months away!

    I am trying to post a pic of these boots I just seen online.  I LOVE them, and am trying to find out where to get them.  Hopefully it works!

  • Those boots are so cute. I unstand getting excited I am to. My bridesmaid dresses went on sale so they had to buy them early. So when they got them it was like wow I am getting married.
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  • Ok I'm glad someone else is doing their own centerpieces!  I don't think there's anything wrong with letting people sit where they want, but I really think it depends on the size of your wedding.  How many guests are you having?

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  • Kind of late, I think, but hi!  Our date is Feb 26, 2011 (also my little brother's birthday).  Our ceremony and reception are in the same location, so we're not doing rice or bubbles or anything because it would be fairly pointless.  Reserving the venue is as far as we've gotten; I'm in law school and working full time (fun fun) so until May, there's not a lot of time to spare for wedding planning things.

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  • There's always Pro's and Con's to both.

    Buffet dinners are great becaus ryour guests get to control what and how much they eat. But, standing in long lines can be no bueno. You have to think about flow. But they're usually cheaper!!!

    Plated dinners are great because I think it makes your guests feel kind of pampered, but it can be more expensive, plus they don't get as much control in their choice.

    I checked out a venue recently that offered a "family style" reception. I thought this was a great idea. Platters of food was brought out to each table and basically, everyone sevred themselves as if they were sitting down to dinner with family. This was great for a couple of reasons... 1. Everyone got to choose what they wanted. 2. You didn't have big long buffet lines. 3. It was not as expensive as a plated meal. 4. It seemed like it would open up conversation amongst the guests.

    Good luck to you!

    Oh, and I have no idea about the exit :o)
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