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Baby Mama drama--long

Not mine...my nephews....
Ok as some of you may recall my 21 year old nephew, who, well, isnt going to be the greatest role model....knocked up his gf. (im just proud he has a job, even if it doesnt pay much....its more than his Daddy was doing when he had a baby on the way....) anyway,

Well she is about 22 weeks along now, and they have broken up. She lived with him for about a month, she doesnt work, refuses to, even got a job at the sandwich place ACROSS the street from their apartment and she couldnt get up in time to get there at 1 PM (which is why i udnerstand they broke up this time, he wanted her to try and work part time and she turned down the part time job ACROSS THE STREET--so she just sleeps all day and watches movies, doesnt clean the house or cook dinner or anything) ALSO she's nuts. She cuts her self then threatens to call the cops and say Justin (nephew) did it...she even admittedly slammed her head into a door frame and tried to tell my sister Justin had punched her...

OK well she is only 19, and she has a 4 year old who lives with his Daddy. Well I was facebook stalking and saw her tell someone that her son visits her, but since she lives with her mom, he cant live with her. This scares the Sh*t out of me! Is her step daddy a sex offender?? Is the mother a druggy? Do they have felony records??? and my Great Neice is going to be in this house?!?
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