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March 2011 Weddings

Weird Morning

SOme good, some not so good...so its been weird.
Got up feeling crummy, as usual, nothing sounded good to eat but I hav eto eat immediately or I get REALLY bad....SO i decided to cut up some peaches and strawberries...Im eating, its fine and suddenly i bit into a strawberry that forwhatever reason, my body said, "ummm NO!" and so it came up....along with the rest of my fruit I'd eaten. sigh....so now I dont want to eat anything, I got ready, showered, makeup all that....got in the car and suddenly HAD To have chick-fil-a breakfast...the line was ridiculous but I dont care Im getting in it.
Ordered a chicken biscut & orange juice. I ended up with 2 chicken biscuts & water...someone is going ot be upset they didnt get two chicken biscuts...:P but this girll is happy!

Hope everyone is having a good morning!

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