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March 2011 Weddings

A few questions

Ok so I'm confused on a few things....

What is a card box?
What cake flavor would be best?
How can you create one of those countdown things on here?

Thanks for the help! 

Re: A few questions

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    1) What is a card box?  A card box is a receptacle for cards at the reception.  I guess it's a way to keep track of all the cards that people bring, rather than having them all in a pile.   A lot of people DIY them, (as in they take perfectly good cardboard boxes and drape them in ugly fabric) but (clearly) I don't really get the appeal. Birdcages seem to be popular for this as well. 

    2) What cake flavor would be best? What ever flavor you like best.  Unless you're partial to meat cake or something.  That would probably be just a rude let-down for your guests. 

    3) How can you create one of those countdowns? I made mine through theknot's "Update Profile" tool.  I have no idea how to do the ones in the siggy. 
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    For the count down, you mean how many days til the wedding? That's under "my knot" on the wedding tickers. Then you'll need to put it as your signature. A card box is a container for your guests to put cards in, that way it's all in one safe place especially if there's money in there. Cake flavor really depends on you palette. I love red velvet cheesecake. But there's so many other good ones and it also depends if the baker is good at making the cake. ETA: Sorry for the typos! I hate typing on my iPhone! Lol. Also, we haven't gotten it yet but we'll get a metal wedding card box. Very pretty. We're doing different flavors for each layer of our cake.
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    Agree with PPs

    I got a wooden box from Michaels and will be staining it for our card box.

  • Im using a drk brown "wire" (i guess you'd call it wire) boc w lid from hobby lobby...its really cute and something I can use in the house as a decorative piece later!
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  • Oh and Cake flavor we're doing a plain white tier and a carrot cake tier...well Im still debating carrot or red velvet ha
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  • Our venue gives us a "chest" to put the cards in so we dont need a card box. As for the cake, i would definitely do a tasting. We thought we liked just a plain cake and ended up falling in love with a lemon cake that we both thought we'd hate.
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  • We have a "card box" but it is shaped as a suitcase. We are renting it for $10
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