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March 2011 Weddings


Well thank goodness it is friday. We've had a week.

Yesterday after hours at the hospital trying to get an EKG done ( i did finally get it done and it looked fine-thankfully) I went to my parents house to hang out for a while. Luke came over after work and we ate with them, it was nice to hang out with them some. We  havent gotten to much, they were out of town for 3 weeks and we havent seen much of them since they got back.

Luke is MISERABLE at his job. He got his butt chewed out yesterday because he's been doing some sort of measurement wrong, and the boss showed him how to do it and he still isnt getting the right #s...he's afraid they're going to let him go...so today my job is to find him jobs to apply for. He was whining last night and I told him I dont want him coming home like this any more and so if he is THAT unhappy he needs to find something else. He just doesnt believe in himself. He kept saying "WHAT other Jobs? I dont know how to do anything but retail" he worked for Lowed for like 8 years.... sigh...Hopefully we'll figure this out.

Anyway happy weekend! Plans??
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