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Westboro baptist church

has an event published on their website to protest a military funeral here locally. I plan to go and stand and show my respect along the funeral route to sheild this family from their evil...I wanted to share it with you all because im asking that you pray for this poor family who has lost their son/brother.
Apparently they've threatened to come before and didnt show up, They met their match in Mississippi...they'll meet it again west texas. GOd Bless our Troops!

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Re: Westboro baptist church

  • Please do! They are horrible people! Tehir church is in the same town I live in (Topeka, KS) so.... They are everywhere here... It's really disturbing!!
  • I've got a group of family/friends ggoing, and according to facebook a lot of locals are going too. We will sheild them, their are a lot more of us than there are of them. I'm always proud of my area for their support of our military, ill let you all know how it goes.
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  • Ugh. Disgusting.  If these people think the U.S is so bad, why don't they make like the pilgrims and go find somewhere else?  There has to be some uninhabited island out there, right?  Then, when there's no outside conflict, they'll turn on each other.  Problem solved.  
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  • Some people man....like the saying goes if you dont want to stand up for the soldiers please feel free to stand in front of them. I remember when my BFFL's baby daddy died (he was a marine killed in action in Iraq) there was actually this biker gang (I forget what they call themselves) that came to make sure no one showed up to protest. Granted the widow was evil and ended up kicking out a bunch of people (myself included)...including the deceased's own mother aka her MIL but thats a different story. But it was really nice that from the church to the cemetry people lined the streets with flags and little kids were saluting. I dont get some people. You dont have to agree with the war but a funeral is not the proper place to protest.
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  • THe Patriot Guard? Yeah they escorted the body in yesterday and have a large presence in Andrews today....they build a wall around the venue in which the funeral takes place....such a neat group....

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