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Addressing Qustion

We have friends that are dating, and have been for a long time. They don't live together. Do we send two STD/Invites? Or just one? And to which address if just one. 

Re: Addressing Qustion

  • Hmm if they're BOTH friends of yours, then that's a tough call.  I guess you can't really do it a "wrong" way.  You could send individual invites to each one, or one invite to one of them and address it to both names.
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  • i would send one to each address
  • I'd send one to each address as well.
  • Agree with pps...both.
  • The only thing about sending them to each address is then you would have to give a plus one. Maybe if you send it to both address  send it with both there names on each one.  Because if your sending them with there own name on each they might take that as a insult or something. So  I would send two STDs  with both there names to each address. Then for the invites I would just send the  Invite  to one of them because you don't want them to RSVP twice. I would send it to whoever you think would send  the RSVP back.
  • I dont think if you send two invites they have to have a "plus one". Certainly if they are dating and have been for a long time, I would think they would obviously be going together. However, to avoid confusion you could just send it to one. I guess it depends on the people. I got invites all the time with mine and my boyfriends names even if we were not dating long or living together. It didnt offend me but some people it might.
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